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Josera Emotion Culinesse

Josera Emotion Culinesse

Josera cat food with tender salmon, for picky little connoisseurs, highly digestible and delicious, moderate fat content, ideal for indoor and outdoor adult cats

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My cat's favourite !!!

Josera is my cat's favourite dry food : we tried other brands but they wan't accept it. The size of the biscuits is bigger than other brands like Bozita / Orijen / Sanabelle and I believe this is good for their dental care - I noticed that they chew more the food. The vet commented on their good health and shiny coat, which is sign that we are feeding them well. Will keep on buying it!

Good quality, good price

Having tried various dried cat foods Josera is the best quality for a reasonable price. Hills & Royal Canin are great but too pricey when you have so many mouths to feed. The cats like Josera & it give them the nutrients they need at a lower price.

They Love It

Coat is nice and shiney! great biscuits and great price.

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