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Cosma Snackies - Freeze-dried Cat Snacks

Cosma Snackies - Freeze-dried Cat Snacks

Cats simply adore them. Cosma snackies – freeze-dried premium quality snacks. 100% pure meat or fish. Completely natural, grain-free with no preservatives, colour or flavour enhancers.

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Super Treats

My cat (now 15 months old) adores these treats and has done since she was a kitten. I only have to open the cupboard or shake the container and she is there! I am pleased because they are a purely natural product without additives.

Fantastic, though I now have a pair of addicts.....

Well, on the plus side these are clearly very tasty to kitties. My two go nuts for them, and scoff them out of my hand as soon as they appear. On the down side, they are now learning underhanded tactics as they try to sabotage each other and steal each others snackies! Also, I'm getting slightly worried they have addiction issues as the feline sighs of disappointment if the little tub of joy isn't opened are getting quite loud, and one of my kitties is quite crazy enough without adding drug dependencies..... Buy them, make your furballs happy!

Amazing, dare I say possibly tastier than Thrive?!

My 10 month old Ragdoll has been on Thrive treats since I bought him. There was a deal on Cosma on Zooplus so I thought I would change, I am not sure if it's just the slight difference in flavour between brands or the change from Thrive but he goes even crazier for these - well worth it!

Healthy snacks

All my cats love these snacks. I will only give them healthy high protein snacks. They have been very useful in using them as a training aid. They love having their walking jackets on as they always have these treats while I put them on. I've also used them to train them to accept new kittens in the house. They also love to have fun getting them out of their treat toys.

Our cats especially love the tuna flavour!

We have 6 rescue cats and they would eat Cosma Snackies rather than their normal cat food if they had the chance! Great way of training them to do what you want them to do or is it me they are training?!

Good for training

Our 6 cats love these treats. They are useful to give when you want to use them for training purposes although, they are getting rather artful and so I guess they are training me rather than the other way round!


My cat loves these and would eat the whole tube at once if I let her! Good size of chunks and great to know there are no nasty ingredients! The dog loves them too... Small downside is I wish they were cheaper, they are quite expensive for the quantity but Zooplus usually have a deal on which convinces me to go for it!

Good way to try variety of treats

Never quite sure which treats my fussy cats will like, this trial pack is a great way to see which ones they prefer, which so far has been all of them. These treats are also great training treats for dogs too.

By far the best cat treats around!

The fact that these are chicken and absolutely nothing else is brilliant. My 3.5yo cat hoovers these up, look away and back again and they're all gone!

Cats love this stuff

It's worth getting the trial pack, Our cats love these treats. Now a regular on our shopping list!


Thought I would give these a try. Excellent!! Cats loved them especially the Chicken and Tuna variety. Will certainly get these again. Plus 100% natural no cereals or grains. Puuuuuurfect!!

Cat treats

My kitten is very fussy and won't eat any dry food or treats, however, she loves these!

Purrfect Treats

My fussy Burmilla takes her time to tackle anything new and often rejects it. I bought a 4 pack of Cosma Snackies - tuna, chicken, duck & beef and tried the tuna first. She circled the little chunks, went away and eventually after a lot of pawing & sniffing for half an hour scoffed the lot. She goes bananas for the tuna and chicken and we've had to hide the tubes as she kept knocking them over like skittles in an attempt to open them up. Tonight I tried the duck. Again the pawing, sniffing and walking away ritual but, yes you guessed it, gobbled them all up. I'm hoping the beef goes the same way! A little on the expensive size for the quantity but worth it for the pure satisfaction on her face.

Great cat treats

I had a free sample of Cosma chicken treats & have now ordered some for my two cats. They love them, they are very fussy & normaly have thrive treats. They must be good quality, my cats only have to hear the lid opening & they come running. So far I have tried chicken, will keep buying these as they also don't crumble & you're not left with a lot of dust in the bottom of the tube.🐾🐾

Bess' All Time Fav

This never fails. One of Bess' all time favourite treats. She can't seem to get enough of it and keep meowing for more!

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