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Cosma Snackies - Freeze-dried Cat Snacks

Cosma Snackies - Freeze-dried Cat Snacks

Cats simply adore them. Cosma snackies – freeze-dried premium quality snacks. 100% pure meat or fish. Completely natural, grain-free with no preservatives, colour or flavour enhancers.

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Cat treats

My kitten is very fussy and won't eat any dry food or treats, however, she loves these!

Purrfect Treats

My fussy Burmilla takes her time to tackle anything new and often rejects it. I bought a 4 pack of Cosma Snackies - tuna, chicken, duck & beef and tried the tuna first. She circled the little chunks, went away and eventually after a lot of pawing & sniffing for half an hour scoffed the lot. She goes bananas for the tuna and chicken and we've had to hide the tubes as she kept knocking them over like skittles in an attempt to open them up. Tonight I tried the duck. Again the pawing, sniffing and walking away ritual but, yes you guessed it, gobbled them all up. I'm hoping the beef goes the same way! A little on the expensive size for the quantity but worth it for the pure satisfaction on her face.

Great cat treats

I had a free sample of Cosma chicken treats & have now ordered some for my two cats. They love them, they are very fussy & normaly have thrive treats. They must be good quality, my cats only have to hear the lid opening & they come running. So far I have tried chicken, will keep buying these as they also don't crumble & you're not left with a lot of dust in the bottom of the tube.🐾🐾

Bess' All Time Fav

This never fails. One of Bess' all time favourite treats. She can't seem to get enough of it and keep meowing for more!

Superior noms for my furkids

I've tried various treats over the years to try and break my 5yr old cat's obsession with Dreamies to no avail. Earlier this year I added a kitten to the furkid family and on browsing through the site spotted these and thought I'd give them a try. Well, I still haven't broken Dude's obsession but the kitten and my 13yr old go crazy for these. I love the fact that they are 100% meat, and so do they; my poor ankles take a headbutt beating every time they hear the tube rattle! I always get this mixed trial pack as opposed to buying individual tubes for sheer ease of purchase and personally I think they are great value for money. Fantastic.

Crazy cats

Wow the boys have gone crazy for these!! We have the duck ones!!

Great for bribery

I got these treats as a freebie and they're very different to any cat treat I've seen before - completely different texture and, even though their dried, they seem natural (no artificial colours etc.). You get all different sizes in the pack, some larger pieces, some tiny crumbs so you can choose pieces for whatever the use (treat balls, interactive toys etc.). Trixie thinks they taste good too. If I offer her these or another treat, she chooses these. And their the best way to bribe her for unpleasant things like flea treatment or a trip to the dreaded vets. So even though the initial pack was a freebie, I'm buying more on Trixie's request!

Made a neighbours jaw drop when kitty came running for treat

Literally as the title says. I shake the tube and my cats come running. The most timid one arrived first with the easy going one sauntering in last. Both cats I think if they had a choice would live off them. I have to hide these treats away in a drawer they can't open else they'd rip the tube apart to get at the nom-noms inside ... which they have done so in the past. Pros - Good - pure freeze dried ingredients with no added rubbish. Cons - Cats love this so much I think it's like crack to them ... started calling it kitty crack!

Lucy likes chicken

I received my first order today and I was so happy and excited and couldn't wait too see how Lucy finds them, she tried Tuna and chicken and preferred Chicken, so if she eats it all then I'll re-order.

crazy cat

My Bengal cat loves the chicken and the tuna ones.

irrisistible treats

These freeze dried Tuna pieces are great, my Ragdolls love them BUT quite often the treats are only available in either mixed packs or in extra large square chunks, and not available in the preferred small irregular shaped pieces. The other varieties are rejected, only Tuna is liked.

Loved by all

This is the one treat I know all of my kitties will race indoors for... and knowing that it contains just 100% chicken, no extra nasties, it's a treat I'm happy to give them! So it's happy smiles all 'round!! :)

My cats LOVE it

I have three cats and they all go mad for these freeze dried chicken treats even my two Cavaliers love them & they are a lot healthier than giving normal treats.

Tillys favourite snack

Tilly is a VERY fussy cat.. but She loves these snacks as soon as I opened the first packet and put a couple in her bowl they were gone .. wouldn't buy any other snack now.


my balinese cat and siamese kitten are simply addicted to these snacks. They are eager to do anything to get their paws on that goodness. The balinese cat had learnt to perform multiple commands (like sit, lie down, give a paw etc) just to get the snack. On the negative side they are addicted to these snacks and keep begging for more and more.

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