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Both my rather fussy cats love this, and it has made a visible and very positive difference to their condition. They're also much calmer since switching to Defu - perhaps because of the lack of artificial colours and flavours?

well liked

My middle aged Siamese cat, a rehome I've had 2 months, is reportedly a sensitive eater. She certainly throws up the dried sensitivity control diet she was on. I tried this by Defu - and she loves it, & has never brought it back up. I like it, low in magnesium, like what is said about the product & will definitely continue with.

It drives my cats mad..

My 2 Siamese just sit and cry at the food cupboard for this dry food. They love it, it smells great and it's good to know they are getting good organic food without all the horrible additives in other dry foods. When I go to bed I hide them in tiny amounts all over the house. The cats love to hunt for them.

Just Perfect!

Our cats love this kibble. It looks different and smells different to most other brands because it's not sprayed with 'digest'. This one smells really good and natural. In my opinion, Defu is a conscious, ethical company that uses 100% certified organic ingredients that also comply to the highest Demeter standards. What more could a cat want :0)

Just Perfect!

Our cats love this kibble! 100% Organic, Demeter standard and unlike most kibble - it's not sprayed with digest! Smells totally different. Looks different too. I believe this company has done a fantastic job of providing high, premium quality food for the good health and satisfaction of our pets. With it being certified organic and Demeter standard...what more could a cat want!

excellent! solved all our cats problems

This food is a life saver and i definatly would recommend it to anyone who's cat is senitive to everything! Brilliant and good price too.Our cat is much happier and healthier alround.

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