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Yarrah Organic with Chicken

Yarrah Organic with Chicken

Yarrah Organic with Chicken is a light, digestible, complete cat food from monitored organic sources for all cats.

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Great dry food

We buy yarrah because of its good ethical standards. Our cats love the dry food and always wolf it down. Last time I accidently bought a 10kg bag! I was worried because we only feed our 2 cats 1 small meal a day of this. It actually has kept very well for over 6 months in a sealed bag so I wouldn't be afraid to do this again.

my cat's dirreahea problem is gone

my cat is not picky on dry food. but she has been having direahea with hills R/D a few days after she is on yarrah, her problem is gone.

unhappy campers!

I have 4 cats. Two british blue shorthair and two non pedigree. I've been struggling to get through a bag of this cat food for months. None of the cats like it and they will never finish a bowl of it. I'm just going to throw away the rest of it. The texture of the food is very rough, a bit like dry dog food. The stray cat outside isn't even particularly interested in this food so I really don't recommend it. My cats are very greedy and I've never had a problem with food before this.

no problems with changeover ..

We've recently changed over from Pero Organic cat food (dry) to Yarrah dry cat food, and the 3 cats seem to have changed over with no problems which is good!

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happy with product. Kitties seem to enjoy them!

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