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Excellent food

I've tried all kinds of grain free food for my siberian husky including raw but he would just turn his nose up at it, I brought a small bag to try him with & to my surprise he eats the whole of his daily allowance, his poop is no longer sloppy & he's gaining the weight he lost from not eating, I ordered a 13kg bag & 2 weeks on he's still enjoying it & is in great body condition, well worth the money

Great food

My beagle loves this food,it smells so good and he can't wait to get munching it .its made him really content and less nagging between meals.price is high but don't feel like I have to compensate with other foods to fill him,so to me well worth the price

Noreen allen (14/10/14) Back to Orijen Senior Dog Food


After 30 years of having dogs I found this food which I consider is the best there is available. It is not expensive when you realise you need to use less to feed your dog and the high quality ingredients it contains. The ingredients are listed and identifiable. As the other reviewer has said the toilet waste is less, easier and far more pleasant to clear up. I also mix this kibble with a little wet food.

Too much for my dogs

It is difficult to rate this - I am sure the food is as good as it says it is but it didn't suit my 2 Weimeraners. It really upset the inner workings of our oldest boy. Our girl wasn't exactly upset but she started farting & became generally smelly. Something that has not happened before. I changed them both to Acana - works well for our girl but not our boy.

The very best dry dog food

I used to buy Orijen when i first got my crossbreed terrier from a rescue center. However due to circumstances i had to start buying budget food. Isaw her enregy rates and enthusiasm fall over the years and assumed it was because of increasing age (she's 11 now)Recently i was able to go back to orijen and I simply can't believe the change! shes' like a new dog, runs around like a puppy, full of energy and up for anything. I'll never use anything else for her now the difference is to marked. And one other thing - i have a cat who actually tore the bag apart to get at the dog's origen and eats in in preference to her cat food. i have put her on origen cat food which she enjoys but will still eat this if i give her a choice - amazing!

gwen kitching (22/06/14) Back to Orijen Senior Dog Food

I've Yet to Find Better

I have been using Orijen for years now. It is by far the best food out there. Don't be put off by the price compared to cheaper foods. Because it is made with exactly what a dog needs without any "fillers or bulking" ingredients, dogs aren't fed as much. In fact, it works out favorably compared to the price of mid range food.

Gordon Stewart (29/05/14) Back to Orijen Senior Dog Food


Weather you're dog is working or needing special diet this is a good change to make. Might seem expensive but need less& much less toilet waste

Happy dogs

I have just changed my 2 weimeraners - age 8 & 7 - to the Orijen senior and they seem very happy with it. The 8 yr old has a delicate digestive system & he has made the change without problems. Seems like a good product. Sadly, my puppy mini-schnauzer won't eat his puppy version - total refusal! Not blaming the product - just his personam choice.

Helped with digestion problems in 10 year old lab

Our 10 year old lab developed stomach problems and diarrhea after his best friend(our 8 year old lab died) We were shocked at the physical affect it had on him. After spening several hundred pounds with our vet I researched different foods and we gave orijen mature a go. He never looked back, his stomach problems disappeared,his coat is beautiful and his teeth look better. He has been eating it for 15 months now and I wish we had used it years ago. Worth very penny

Really good

We bouht this food for our 8 year old rescued labrador.HE took to it immediately and polish of his bowl. We used to buy him bakers and bought orijen as a trial. Big expensive but worth the money as ingerdients are of high quality and no rubbish in it.

Anal Glands

Astrid has suffered from problems with her Anal Glands for the last two years, having to have them emptied on a regular basis.Since going onto Orijen food her anal glands are the best they have been ever.Now not needing to be emptied which is a fantastic result!I would recomend this food not just for relieve from anal glands but we have also noticed a difference in coats and also problems with hot spots.Fantastic food would recommend to anyone.

Lynne Owen (27/05/09) Back to Orijen Senior Dog Food

Great coat

My samoyed dog has just finished his first bag of orijen food.Initially bought on a trial basis,I have discovered the brush glides through my dogs hair. Up to this, brushing my dog was an ordeal.Will buy this food from now on.Comes highly recommended.

Monica Phelan (02/01/09) Back to Orijen Senior Dog Food


Started my 8 year old German Shepherd on Orijen two months ago and her coat and pigment looks fantastic. She has lots of energy but is'nt over the top. Best of all she has stopped eating her poop hooray!

Excellent food

I have tried this food with two of our dogs with excellent results and can highly recommend it. They were doing very well on it. Unfortunately I had to change one of our dogs to a different food due to the very high protein contents not being suitable for his newly diagnosed kidney disease.

I feed this food to my oldies and they look great!

I have always bought my dogs good quality food but did not see the results promised on the bag. I decided to try them on Orijen Senior and within one month my dogs were more playful and active and their coat condition has improved too.

Val Martin Canine Behaviourist & Trainer (27/05/07) Back to Orijen Senior Dog Food
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