There are 19 product reviews for Purizon Adult Dry Food Mixed Trial Pack

Purizon Adult Dry Food Mixed Trial Pack

Purizon Adult Dry Food Mixed Trial Pack

A premium, sustainable dog food made using only top quality natural ingredients: 70% meat & fish, grain-free, protein-rich, no added sugars. Now

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My dog wolfed it down

Bought a trial size of this food and my dog wolfed it down he absolutely loved it. Highly recommend. Very strong smell of fish from the salmon. Will definitely be buying more.

Woosh and it was gone

I had a trial pack of the chicken and fish...well tonight i put it down as part feed to my Tibetan Mastiffs and before I could turn around it was gone....I couldn't believe how much they enjoyed it...This is a defo for my dogs its good to find a decent food

Healthier Dog in two weeks

My GSD is hyper-allergic even to rice and soya. Its been a nightmare to find food he can eat without him breaking out in sores. This is perfect. He's been on it 10 months and has never been in better shape. Its just like Orijen but at a price we can afford. Could not recommend it more highly.

Good food

I bought this when it was on offer,my Chocolate Lab who is 10 normally has James wellbeloved cereal free,as this was the same price but you got a few more kgs for the price,I gave it a try. My Dog did not hesitate to eat it,and has had no problems with it. Her stools are nicely formed! And her coat is still nice and shiny,and her mobility is very good.

Purizon Dry Dog Food

This dog food is really nice. It's hard to get grain free dog food. I firmly believe that a grain free diet is beneficial to humans as well as dogs. Grains are not traditionally a large part our diet or theirs. This has good quality ingredients, the dogs love it and its doesn't upset the digestion like some foods i've tried and my cavalier's colitis has cleared up completely. Would recommend this Purizon dry dog food to anyone.

Such good value and quality

We suspected that our dog may have been allergic to something in his food after he started itching and nothing from the expensive visits to the vets was helping. I decided to switch his food and at the same time give him something more beneficial than something from the supermarket. After a bit of research and help on what I should be looking for in food I found this. A lot of people said Orijen was the best but I believe this is just as good, a better price, and easy to order from zooplus :) And Sonny can't get enough!

The only food my sensitive dog tolerates!

Please don't ever stop selling this food. My sensitive Hovawart dog is allergic to most everything: beef, pork, game, poultry, rice, cereals and more... This is the first food in years which she has tolerated well - her coat is glossy and her itchiness has vanished. We are incredibly happy to have found this and will continue to buy.

GSD loved it, I loved the price, until the special offer ran out :(

I bought loads of these 400g packs whilst on two for £2.90. (That offer didn't last ;) Feed my GSD Arden Grange grain free fish/potato normally but anyway, raised him on Orijen for first 12 months and get Taste of the Wild sometimes. So always on the look out for a good quality kibble with no cereals/grains. This is another to bring to the table, or rather put in the bowl. It's the dog's proverbials, smells great, excellent ingredients, pricey but reassuringly so ;) Although I only got it as it was on special, I would splurge on it occasionally and it's def the best cheapest 'sample size' of the gold star kibble brands. The 400g pack is a perfect size for me to take one or two with me when camping, visiting people or sailing for the weekend or a few days. I use less than the recommended amount and then top up his meals with tins of sardines or fresh fish if on the sailing boat. The bag seals and can be used when out for the day. I can get tins of sardines virtually anywhere, but rarely find grain free food in small towns, villages and marina shops as it's very expensive. I don't want him eating large quantities when we're out sailing or camping because of the potential for bloat in a large chested dog, even though I don't exercise him for at least an hour after a meal. I just want high calorific, easily digestible, balanced food. Top quality nosh, the dog nailed it without breathing. He momentarily hesitated with the fish version, then destroyed a bowl of that too. Great that it's British made and not flying in from Canada cauing Co2 pollution (no offence intended Canada!)..

Returning to Orijen

Completely agree with everything the previous reviewer said, particularly about his dog's stools being softer. My dog has issues with his anal glands and needs as solid a stool as possible! So, even though Orijen is almost twice the price, I'm going back to it.

Great alternative to Orijen!

We're switching from Orijen to Purizon and our Bulldog seems to love it, it works out a lot cheaper especially if you buy in bulk and I thought I'd give it a try, very happy so far :)

Another grain-free food, but not as good as Orijen

I have fed my bull terrier on Orijen for some time, but thought I would try this food since the composition is very similar and I was pleased to see it was made in the UK. The food has a very strong smell and is shiny in appearance. My dog liked it well enough, but his stools were not as well formed as when he is fed Orijen. In short this appears to be quite a good food, but I'm sticking to Orijen from now on

loose doo doo's :(

I like to feed my dogs good quality food so I gave this one a go as they do like the fish recipe foods for a change but I'm afraid it didn't agree with three of my dogs stomachs and made their poo very runny so Im going back to Arden Grange fish recipe, my dogs were absolutely fine on that.

Better than fish4dogs

I fed fish4dogs salmon kibble until they suddenly changed the formula to reduce the fish content by more than half. Purizon is a much better quality product. I transitioned gently to it, with no ill effects. My large labradoodle seems to like it, it is a good pungent smell. Just had a sampler of the chicken and fish flavour, this went down very well - pity the kibble pieces are not a bit bigger.

Decent food

I always bought Acana until they became too greedy and hiked the prices up. This food is equally as good as Acana and Orijen and is not quite so the moment anyway!!

Good for muscle condition but lethal on the bottom

I was drawn to this product because the ingredients seem to be very high quality and the price is good relative to products of comparable quality. On the positive side, I believe my dog's muscle tone has improved. He was already very sporty, but the additional protein seems to have been needed. On the negative side, he has had room-clearing flatulence and his poo has been inconsistent since he started taking this. We carefully managed a tapered transition (over three weeks!), so as to give his system time to react to the new food. He hasn't adjusted to it, so, after a two month trial, I am giving up. I'm convinced that higher protein food is worthwhile though, so he is now in the middle of a three week transition over to Taste of The Wild. His flatulence has almost gone and his poo is nearly normal again.

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