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Purizon Puppy Chicken & Fish

Purizon Puppy Chicken & Fish

Natural dry food for puppies and young dogs of all breeds. Protein-rich with 70% meat & fish, it encourages balanced growth and good gut flora. It is grain-free and has no added sugars. Made in UK.

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Great Kibble

My Akita is as fussy as they come the only kibble he would eat is taste of the wild, but the price just keeps going up on this food plus it's more plant protean than meat. so i thought i would try Purizon kibble. and low and behold my Akita loves it, and it has fish in it which i have been trying to get him to eat for years. great quality great price, plus none of the problems others have encountered with this food in poo's or wind..

Not for my chihuahuas

This is a very good quality puppy food, but not for all breeds as stated. My chi puppies struggled to eat it and even when I have mixed it up with other food they left it out. They liked the smell and kept trying to eat it so I know it must be good.

Excellent Food

This food has done wonders for my 8 month old american bulldog she's a lot healthier not scratching as much her coat is looking great and that's only after 3 weeks on this food will definitely be buying more

Gary butterfield (15/09/15) Back to Purizon Puppy Chicken & Fish

Too much protein?

My dog enjoys it very much. It says that puppies should have betweein 20-30% protein but this has 39% and too much protein can be bad for their liver and kidneys to process. Is this too much protein for a small chihauhua?

purizon dog food

I have four rescue dogs the eldest is 16 years old, i have been giving them Burns and changed to Purizon, they love it, only wrong thing is the measurements as all food are different sizes and all measuring cups different, it would be nice if i could get a cup for this food as the Burns cup i am using might not be enough or too much for thembut the food it'self is great

Excellent dog food

I have an extremely sensitive Cockapoo and was struggling with his diet. After spending his first year seeing a vet on a regular basis, taking steroids and being tested for all allergies feeding remained a problem. Then along came Purizon!! He loves it, I am sure it is due to lack of cereals and added herbs are beneficial. I now have a happy dog who is enjoying eating and exercise. Poo 'normal' for the first time.

Really good food

Brought this as my Germany Shepherd was on Wainwrights, which although good I didn't like the small amount of meat it contained. I was thinking of switching when he just went off it altogether, I couldn't get him to eat it at all. I buy all my treats from zooplus and had been given a free sample of the adult version. So he at least had something to eat I tried it as he hadn't eaten properly for a day. He's never been food motivated but this got wolfed down. I now have brought the puppy version and he loves it, doesn't even leave any on the floor. The kibble is just a little smaller than a 5p and are flat not round. This may be more expensive than some but you feed less because of the ingredients so it works out about the same. He was a little loose for a few days but I had to do a straight swap as he refused to eat his old stuff so that was probably my fault. I have also noticed he has so much more energy since being on this and when we swapped he stopped trying to chew other things he shouldn't.

2 very happy dogs

I have 2 shih tzus one is very very fussy and the other has very sensitive stomach they have been on burns and I felt the sensitive dog needed to stay clear of rice and cereals. I am so happy with this food they clear their bowls in one sitting which is a first, it smells lovely. The pellets themselves are small and maybe not suitable for larger breed dogs. I'm happy with the price and it appears to be better value than well known brands of similar food. I am slightly concerned that I can't find any information about the company or where the food is sourced which is why I have given 4 stars. The food itself appears to be made from quality ingredients and seems to be talking for itself and the dogs are much happier. I hope the price doesn't start shooting up now.

Lindsey Foreman (07/02/15) Back to Purizon Puppy Chicken & Fish


I used to feed both my dogs on Jameswellbeloved which in itself is fine but found that my picky Collie wouldn't eat a lot of it and my very allergic older Collie scratched a bit with it - so decided to change to Purizon after reading the ingredients list it had - with no "fillers" etc and just the pure stuff ..... Wow! What a difference! my younger Collie has bloomed on it, shiny coat, bright eyes, full of energy and has finally filled out! My older dog doesn't scratch like she used to and has an amazing coat - only problem with her is that she's bloomed weight wise too due to high calorie content, Have asked Purizon if they do "weight control" yet but unfortunately they don't - I live in hope. Really really impressed with this food :-)

great quality

This food is great quality. It has a higher protein content than orrijen. I have five dogs of different types and they all love it. I have had issues with loose stills but as other reviewers had said stick with it as the problem will pass! Would highly recommend to anyone who cares about what their dogs eat

Purizon Fish

Excellent food for dogs. Smells delicious. The cat variety is also excellent and my dogs and cats love this food and look extremely good on it. Faeces are well formed and don't have that awful odour that dogs fed on cheap food has.

Best yet.

I was looking for a nutritious puppy food, low in copper and grain free. This is perfect. The 13.5kg bag lasts my Bedlington more than 3 months as I don't have to feed her as much of it as other dried foods. She's had no digestive problems, and when she passes wind, it hardly smells! For a dog who isn't food motivated she wolfs the Purizon Puppy down. Nice size kibble for training too.

Labrador puppy absolutely loves it but would like to get more info about the product

I bought this puppy food for my 10month Labrador and she absolutely loves it. Purizon is her favourite dog food by far, she loves it even more than the organic treats I bought for her. She does have very light smell from her breaths after from feeding her this food but i don't think it's too bad as I can still kiss her! I've seen some reviews talking about the size of the kibble - I will say it is just the right size for a Labrador puppy. The size of the puppy food it's the same size as the Orijen Puppy Large Dog Food from I've remembered - please correct me if I'm wrong. The kibble seems hard, which I think it is very good for their teeth. There is one thing I've notice, my puppy drinks more water than before. She has the same routine and same amount of excises but drinks more water since I start feeding her this food. She's not drinking crazy amount of water but just about 1 or 2 bowls more everyday. I think this is normal because of the changing of dog food? I would like to know anyone else have the same problem though. The other thing is I couldn't find much information about this food online. ie. the manufacture, company name, website etc. It does make me concern when you can only find limited information. The package and the kibble, looks very similar to Orijen but it doesn't seems coming from a same company and it isn't on the Orijen's website. My puppy doesn't have any diarrhoea problem after changing to this food. Overall I think it is a very good food, great ingredients under a very reasonable affordable price. With 70% meat & fish and 100% grain-free I couldn't ask for more under its price. I understand it is a new product but more information will certainly give a piece of mind.

Purizon Dry Dog Food

This dog food is really nice. It's hard to get grain free dog food. I firmly believe that a grain free diet is beneficial to humans as well as dogs. Grains are not traditionally a large part our diet or theirs. This has good quality ingredients, the dogs love it and its doesn't upset the digestion like some foods i've tried and my cavalier's colitis has cleared up completely. Would recommend this Purizon dry dog food to anyone.

Great for Shih Tzus

Our pup did not get on well with Hill's Puppy food so I was looking for something that was grain and beef-free because Shih Tzus are rather sensitive. Purizon has been a complete success. After 4 weeks my puppy is hardly itching – which was happening constantly beforehand. But I really must stress that you must change foods very very slowly otherwise you will have to deal with upset tummies and diarrhoea.

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