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Sera FD Mixpur

Sera FD Mixpur

A well-balanced mix of vacuum freeze-dried red mosquito larvae, Tubiflex, Artemia shrimp, and Daphnia.

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bigger tub please

As the title says a bigger tub would be more economic and increase sales immensely

big is better

excellent food pity you dont supply it in a bigger tub, i own a 7 foot aquarium ,with large parrott fish large angels large african ghost fish who have bred 5 months ago, two babies doing fine . 3 large clowns, green nugget pleco, 4 assorted cats, various gouramis, siamese fighter, so the 100ml box of mixpur will last only a few days, pity.

john grimes (14/03/10) Back to Sera FD Mixpur

well liked variety food

This is the one food that pleases (almost) everybody all of the time. I have a mix of guppies, sword tails, mollies, suckers (various), flying fox, tetras, corys and dwarf frogs. All the fish & frogs seem to like this stuff. An added bonus is that the very fine powder left near the end of the tub is excellent fry food. Just wish it came in a bigger tub.

James (30/07/08) Back to Sera FD Mixpur
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