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JR Farm coarse feed

JR Farm coarse feed

The tasty alternative to hay

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Large pieces of dandelion

I've tried a few brands of dandelion and this one has been the best! The pieces are large and my furry friends go mad for it, especially the calendula flowers mixed in which you get a good amount of. Not only that but the high calcium content makes dandelion a great addition to your pets diet!

Brilliant BUT...

This product is a hit with my bun and he gets rather cross when he doesn't get given it on a daily basis BUT i recently discovered too much parsley can be very bad for your rabbits health, it can kill due to containing some sort of acid which can build up in ur buns tummy! So definitely buy this but be very lenient with the parsley, make sure its no more than once a week! why is it always the tastiest things that are bad for us?! :p

Becky Wilson (14/01/13) Back to JR Farm coarse feed

Fab for bunnies

Great product for your bunnies. Great quality and value. Excellent!

favourie treat

My rabbits and guinea pigs love these particularly the dandelion and plaintain. Really good value for money and useful for in winter when I can't pick my own. Highly recommended.

s cullington (25/11/11) Back to JR Farm coarse feed

Dandelion & Plantain

Fabulous value packs, ideal for the small furries that dont get out as much in winter. Much cheaper than Burgess/ Burns alternatives.


I have two very fussy Guineas, so am always looking for ways to supplement their diet. They love the dandilion so much they now recognise the sound of the bag coming out of the cupboard and squeal until it's put in their cage :) I'm definately going to try some of the other JR Farm feeds.

Ribwort great for buns

Impressed with this product, enjoyed by all the buns, mixed with their hay, encourages foraging/boredom breaker plus te additional nutitional values. Good sized bag, well priced, and would buy again.


I received my parcel today,I have purchased other JR Farm items which my rabbits love,this is the first time I have bought the coarse feed, took some out for the rabbit to try,they went crazy for it, good sized bag for the money, will buy again.

Sandra K (12/03/10) Back to JR Farm coarse feed

meadow herbs for rabbits

I read all the reviews on all these products as i have 6 rabbits and 5 piggies ,was very impressed with what others had to say so purchased all but the parsley stalks,3 of my rabbits have delicate stomachs and nothing ive tried improved them , after giving all the rabbits the meadow and garden herbs their stomachs have improved!they love all of them and its nice too know its doing them good too? shall be placing an order for the parsley stalks too. Bigger bags would be great though? top products would recommend to anyone with rabbits/guinea pigs ect.

Anne Taylor (21/09/09) Back to JR Farm coarse feed

Meadow flowers for Lemmings!

My Steppe Lemming absolutely loved the meadow flowers. The aromatic fresh smell would wake her and she would rush to it whenever it was placed in her tank. A goos source of fibre for her too (vital for Lemmings, they should always have hay available).

Parsley Stalks

Popular food, good if it's too wet for them to go out on the grass

Feeding to degus and guineas

My degus and guineas love the dandelion and parsley stalks. I put in their normal food and some of this too in another place and they hop from place to place nibbling on whatever takes their fancy. You get a lot in a bag and there are some really chunky bits for them to drag off and hide with. My degus are always trying to fit themselves into small spaces to savour a particulary tasty bit of dandelion by themselves. I'm getting the meadow flowers next time and I expect they will love that too.

Angela Smith (19/02/09) Back to JR Farm coarse feed

fantastic value for money!

I brought the parsely bag for my rabbits, I certainly didnt expect it to be such a big bag! its lasting really well and they love it, its great for when the grass is too wet/frosty for them to go on it! Ive now ordered the garden meadow and dandelion bags too. I shall be buying many more in the future too!

Good value treat

Bought all products and my 12 Guinea pigs just love them. Dandelion being there favourite. I would recommend these products to anyone who wishes to supplement there pets diet or add variety. Good value for money, large bags last ages.

Gwen Holcombe (03/01/09) Back to JR Farm coarse feed

Meadow flowers

I brought this for my guinea pig, as soon as i put it in his cage he dived in and just loves it! A nice different treat that's good for him and that i find hard to get living in the middle of London.

Teresa Newland (10/11/08) Back to JR Farm coarse feed
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