There are 4 product reviews for JR Farm Special Hay 1.5kg

JR Farm Special Hay 1.5kg

JR Farm Special Hay 1.5kg

JR Farm Special Hay - gently dried hay mixed with tasty ingredients.
For the gourmet pet.

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One of the best hays ive ever purchased

Each time the hay has been consistently high quality and my rabbits have enjoyed it. Its greenish, dry and sweet as it should be and the added treats are just a bonus you can save for when theyre good or allow them to have them as they come which is usually one per large handful.

yummie say my pigs

My Guinea pigs absolutely love this hay. they have never ever finished a bag as quickly as this one.

Finally, a hay my rabbits will eat...

Rabbits need 80% hay in their diet but mine have largely refused every hay I've bought, from cheap bedding hay through to high quality gourmet hay. But this hay they love. They started eating it the minute I put it in the hutch. I bought the dandelion variety and it smells wonderful and is very green for hay. It's not too thick or too stringy, not too long to too short. They love it, so I love it, and it will now be a regularly ordered item for me. Thank you Zooplus for helping me get my rabbits to eat their essential hay.

My rabbit loves this

I got this hay as the stuff I previously was buying in the local pet stores was not liked by my rabbit Norman anymore. The brand was from Britain, however in the pass year it hasn't been as appealing to my rabbit as it normally was, plus they only had the one flavour. So I got this product for him. It was in a very big bag, very loose in the bag, not compressed and tiny like a lot of the ones out there. As soon as I gave Norman a handful, he ate it all in minutes. He's happy now to spend all day nibbling on this hay. I will definitely try the other flavours when the Dandelion Meadow one is gone

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