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Tigerino Canada Cat Litter – Sensitive

Product description

Tigerino Canada Cat Litter – Sensitive 5 103
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Product description

This Tigerino natural clay granule clumping litter is made in Canada. It is now available in an unscented variety. Perfect for all those cat owners who prefer fragrance-free cat litter, or if you have a sensitive cat.
Tigerino Canada Sensitive rapidly forms into clumps and binds odours gently and reliably. It is extremely absorbent which makes it up to 4x more economical and it is fine grained with a dust production of less than 1%!

Tigerino Canada Sensitive Cat Litter is made of 100% pure, natural clay and is free from any kind of chemical additives.

Tigerino Canada Clumping Litter - Sensitive at a glance:

  • Unscented cat litter – ideal for sensitive cats
  • Especially fine natural clay granules: Very economical
  • Very absorbent
  • Rapid, effective clumping (350% absorbency)
  • 99 % dust-free (dust production less than 1%)
  • Locks odours in
  • 100% natural: based on pure, high quality clay - free from any kind of chemical additives
The rapid formation of small clumps ensures that the rest of the litter stays dry. Regular removal of clumps with a litter scoop will keep it hygienically fresh.


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