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Tigerino Canada Cat Litter – unscented

Premium quality clumping litter from Canada. 100% natural clay, 350% absorbency, dust-free and very economical. Now available in an unscented variety, ideal for sensitive cats! ...further information
Tigerino Canada Cat Litter – unscented 5 90
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One of the best clumping cat litters: "I love this cat litter it clumps really good making life easy with the scope. The baby powder smell smells nice and covers up cat number 2s smell really well. This is a heavy cat litter so if you carry your litter tray around to empty it this may not work for you. You need a good deep layer in The litter tray to stop it sticking to the bottom of the tray if you don't this stuff is like concrete and hard to get off the bottom. The clumps once they have had time to harden will not break apart like other clumping litters I've tried. This litter works perfect in the omega paw rolling litter box...."
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