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Felix Crunchy & Soft Poultry

Product description

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Product description

A complete food for adult cats, containing an irresistible combination of crispy croquettes and soft meaty chunks of delicious poultry, enriched with vitamins, protein, minerals and vital taurine.
Treat your cat at every mealtime with these delicious Felix Crunchy & Soft Poultry meals. This dry food is an exciting experience for your cat, combining crunchy kibble with soft, tender chunks. It is a balanced food using poultry as a source of protein and is enriched with vitamins A, E and D3 as well as taurine. Taurine is essential for keeping your cat healthy and it is only through a suitable diet that enough can be taken in to keep eyesight strong and heart functioning properly. Vitamin A is also included for its benefit to your cat’s vision. Teeth and bones are kept strong and healthy with vitamin D. A range of other minerals and trace elements help to preserve your cat’s overall wellbeing and vitality. Essential fatty acids ensure coat remains smooth and glossy, as well as having a positive effect on the metabolism and immune system. Every mealtime will awaken your feline friend’s senses!

Felix Crunchy & Soft Poultry at a glance:
  • Complete food for adult cats
  • Combination of crunchy kibble and soft tender chunks
  • With tasty meat
  • Vitamins and minerals: to ensure strong teeth and bones as well as improved bodily defences and vitality
  • Taurine: for optimum eyesight and heart function
  • Essential fatty acids: for healthy skin and gleaming fur
  • Produced with the highest quality ingredients
A complete, balanced and delicious meal that provides your little rascal with everything it needs for a life full of adventure.


Grains, meat and animal by-products (10%*), vegetable protein extracts, oils and fats, vegetable by-products, glycerine, minerals, sugar, yeast, vegetables (crunchy croquettes: 0.2% dried vegetables incl. 1% vegetables).

*Including 20% rehydrated meat and animal by-products, with minimum 4% chicken, 4% turkey and 4% meat. Soft chunks contain 15% more meat than crunchy chunks.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (13,000 IU), vitamin D3 (1050 IU), vitamin E (90 IU), iron [E1] (150mg), iodine [E2] (2.5mg), copper [E4] (36mg), manganese [E5] (16mg), zinc [E6] (190mg), selenium [E8] (0.24mg), taurine (900mg).

With colourings and antioxidants.

Analytical constituents

protein 30.0 %
fat 10.0 %
fibre 3.0 %
ash 8.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
Felix Crunchy & Soft Poultry is a complete food for adult cats.
Feed your adult cat (approx. weight of 4kg) daily:
  • Dry food: 70g per day
  • Wet + dry food: 50g per day + 1 wet food pouch (100g)*
*e.g. a Felix As Good As It Looks 100g adult wet cat food pouch

These guidelines are based on an adult cat with average activity levels and normal ambient air temperature. Invidual needs may vary, so alter food accordingly to keep your cat at a slim and healthy weight. Fresh, clean drinking water should always be made available.

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