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Lily's Kitchen Beef, Potato & Vegetable Dinner for Dogs

Product description

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Product description

A delicious complete wet dog food made with fresh cuts of beef, loads of organic vegetables and fruits, heaps of nutritious herbs, plus all the essential vitamins and minerals your dog needs for a really healthy diet. This recipe is grain-free and completely natural, so is great if your dog is intolerant to rice or other grains.

Only real meat: no rendered animal parts, carcass or derivatives, nothing Genetically Modified, no artificial preservatives, colours, taste enhancers or sweeteners. No wheat, corn or soya. Lily's Kitchen only use wholesome meats, grains, herbs - roots, flowers and leaves, fruit and vegetables - to produce a delicious, digestible food for your dog.

Lily's Kitchen Beef, Potato & Vegetable Dinner for Dogs at a glance:

  • Suitable for puppies 4 months+
  • Natural and holistic
  • Fresh meat
  • Fruits & vegetables and botanical herbs
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No fillers or jellies
  • No rendered meats or derivatives
  • Vet approved and ethically approved
  • No soya or wheat
  • No GMOs
  • No artificial colours or additives
Ingredients of Lily's Kitchen Dog Food:
  • Fresh Meat and Organ Meat (Beef): provides your dog's organism with high quality proteins and omega-6 fatty acids. Beef is a natural multivitamin and a great source of protein. Dogs adore the taste of fresh beef!
  • Fruits (apples): Organic Apples: provide plant fibre for healthy digestion and are rich in phyto-nutrients with antioxidant, cell-protecting characteristics.
  • Vegetables (broccoli, squash, beans, carrots): Fresh Organic Broccoli: anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory; Organic Squash: a good source of carbohydrate for energy; Organic Green Beans: great source of dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals; Organic Carrots: a goldmine of nutrients and natural sugars, packed with carotene for overall health.
  • Botanical Herbs: Golden rod, nettle, aniseed, celery seed, rosehips, marigold petals, cleavers, kelp, alfalfa, milk thistle, dandelion root, burdock root.
  • Seeds (flaxseed): A powerhouse of valuable Omega 3’s which benefit organ health and help with a shiny coat.
  • Omega 3 & 6: Essential fatty acids are an extremely important part of your dog’s diet.


Beef 60%, organic potato, organic carrots, organic broccoli, organic green beans, organic apples, flaxseed, Omega 3, 6, golden rod, nettle, aniseed, celery seed, rosehips, marigold petals, cleavers, kelp, alfalfa, milk thistle, dandelion root, burdock root.
Analytical Constituents: Protein 9.8%, Oil 6.1%, Ash 1.7%, Fibre 0.4%, Moisture 74.0%, Calories 114 kCal/100g.
Nutritional Additives: Vitamin A 3000iu/kg, Vitamin D3 200iu/kg, Vitamin E 30mg/kg, Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12. And vital minerals including Iodine, Selenium, Manganese and Zinc. Salt 0.2%

Analytical constituents

protein 9.8 %
fibre 0.4 %
ash 1.7 %
oils and fats 6.1 %
vitamin A 3000.0 IU
vitamin D3 200.0 IU
vitamin E (tocopherol) 30.0 mg/kg

Feeding guide

Feeding Guide:
Lily's Kitchen Beef, Potato & Vegetable Dinner is a complete food for dogs.
Feed once or twice per day and ideally at room temperature. A bowl of fresh water should be nearby.
Feeding requirements do differ depending on your pet's breed, age and activity level. If your pet is overweight or underweight then adjust the amount fed accordingly.


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