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Savic Puppy Trainer Pads

High-quality insert for the Puppy Trainer, filled with absorbent gel, ideal for puppy house training or for travel crates and carriers. The inserts are quick-drying and help to neutralise odours. ...further information
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Fantastic!: "I purchased a large tray and pads when my Shih Tzu dog was a puppy and she quickly got used to using her 'toilet'. Now she is older she does go outside. However, as I work and am away from home for up to 7 hours per day, I leave the tray out for her to use, as I don't think it is healthy for a dog to have to hold their wee in, causing water infections and mega vet bills. Plus, it's better than coming home to puddles of wee all over the floor!!! I think the tray is fantastic! The pads are highly absorbent compared to others I've used and they fit the tray perfectly. On the downside the pads are getting quite expensive. They were a lot less expensive when I first started purchasing them. ..."
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