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Home Medicine Cabinet

Dog first aid kits and other dog care products are often a good idea to have on hand. Many of these dog care accessories are also good for on the go - be prepared for every member of the family!
Home Medicine Cabinet:
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Adaptil Diffuser

A synthetic version of D.A.P. a calming pheromone found in female dogs, supports your pet’s well-being, Soothes stressed nerves. Ideal for getting used to places, for dogs of all ages.

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- Diffuser + 48ml Refill
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- 48ml Refill
Adaptil Collar

Adaptil is a synthetic copy of the natural comforting pheromone released by a mother dog to reassure her puppies. Helps comfort and reassure puppies and adult dogs in stressful situations.

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- Puppy / Small dogs
Was  €29.99
Now  €24.99
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Adaptil Tablets

Functional food supplement tablets with natural ingredients to help keep your dog calm your dog during stressful situations. A unique combination of GABA, B vitamins, tryptophan and L-theanine.

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- 10 tablets
Was  €11.99
Now  €9.99
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Trixie Tick Tweezers

Handy, durable plastic tick tweezers for dogs and cats. Simply removes any ticks without crushing.
Available in various colours. Length: 9cm.

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- Plastic
Was  €1.59
Now  €1.29
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Trixie First Aid Kit for Dogs & Cats

Dog First-Aid Kit: medical supplies for your pet in case of an injury or emergency en route.

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- First Aid Kit
Was  €5.99
Now  €4.99
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Trixie Disposable Floor Mat

Very absorbent puppy and transport box mat.

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- 1 Pack (7 Pads)
Was  €3.49
Now  €2.99
( €0.01 / g)
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- 5 Pack
individually priced €14.95
Now €11.99
( €8.10 / kg)
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Grau Stress Tablets

Anti-stress tablets for dogs from Grau can help to prevent nervousness and calm dogs down naturally without making them drowsy. These tablets can be administered long-term. No dangerous side-effects

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- 120 tablets
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