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  • Trixie Dog Training Discs
  • Trixie Dog Training Discs

Training through sound brought to you by Trixie
5 metal discs on a cord for gentle obedience training. Includes instruction booklet ...further information

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Product description

Train your dog with sound instead of force! These 5 small curved discs on a cord are the result of years of research into dog behavior and training.

The metal Trixie discs produce a unique noise that can't be confused with everyday sounds. A simple and effective training method giving speedy results. This product comes with a handy instruction booklet.

Using Training Discs for Dogs:

These Training Discs make a sound unique from the usual noise your dog is confronted with in everyday situations. In contrast to key rings, tin cans, etc., Training Discs can be picked up, carried, and put away without making a sound. That means that the discs only make a sound when you want them to.

First, let your dog get used to the unusual sound of the Training Discs, but do not try to work on a specific behavior problem right away.

It will take a while before your dog recognizes that you only use the Training Discs when he/she does something that you don't like. The sound helps to make the dog aware of the owner, who encourages better behavior from the dog and also rewards him/her when he/she does something correctly.

Please note that for use with multiple dogs, the Training Discs should be used for each dog individually. We do not recommend the use of Training Discs at dog parks, etc.

For introducing Training Discs, we recommend the following training program:

Give your dog treats while saying the word “take” or “yours.” Act like you are placing a treat on the ground without saying anything. While your dog is following your hand with his eyes, ring the Training Discs in your hand. Your dog will completely ignore this noise. Instead of the treat, throw the Training Discs on the ground. Now pick up the Training Discs and ignore your dog, who will look for the treat (that you didn't actually put on the floor).

Repeat this procedure several times, in which you also actually place the treat on the ground, and then throw the Training Discs down as soon as your dog comes near the treat. Always pick up the treat again before your dog can eat it. The goal is that by simply ringing the Training Discs, your dog ignores the treat on the ground.

Because you are the alpha wolf of the pack, all food belongs first to you. Your dog has no right to take the food. When he tries to, you must immediately react with the training discs. Once he has understood the principal, your dog will ignore food on the floor without your having to use the training discs.

The Training Discs can now be used to interrupt behavioral problems. Only concentrate on one problem at a time, and praise your dog often. That way the work is more fun for you and your dog.