Hay Rack with Sitting Platform

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  • Hay Rack with Sitting Platform
  • Hay Rack with Sitting Platform

Practical solid wood hay rack with hinged sitting platform that acts as a great lookout for your pet, helping to prevent injuries caused by jumping into the rack and helping protect the hay. ...further information

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Product description

Hay racks ensure that your pets don't walk over their food and soil it. The Hay Rack with Sitting Platform can result in the need for less frequent replacement of the hay, and can help to keep your pet's food fresh and tasty for longer.

This Hay Rack with Sitting Platform for rabbits and guinea pigs can be simply attached to wooden or metal cages. Its top can be closed with a wooden bench, preventing soiling and injuries for pets who like to jump right into the hay. At the same time, your furry friends will love using the platform as a lookout!

Hay Rack with Sitting Platform at a glance:

  • Hay rack for small pets, to store hay and food
  • Double function: with a hinged bench to act as a lookout platform
  • Secures food: prevents it being spread around your pet's hutch or cage
  • Hygienic: protects hay from getting dirty and keeps it fresher for longer
  • Safety: the sitting platform prevents your pet jumping into the hay and helps to reduce the risk of injury
  • Easy to attach to cages
  • Material: pinewood
  • Dimensions: 25 x 17 x 20 cm (L x W x H)