Wild birds love it!

06/25/20 | Vee

Finches love these seeds

All the wild birds in the garden will eat these seeds but the finches love them. Loads of goldfinches and the occasional chaffinch and bullfinch as well. Robins and blackbirds will eat them if they fall to the ground and they don’t grow, unlike some other seeds.


OP, but lots of sticks, stalks...

the lovebirds like them, but I remove a large handful of inedible debris from each bag. one all the wooden stalks etc are removed, that's about 10% of the volume gone as waste

01/15/18 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Good Value

The birds quite like these but not their favorite. However the packs were split at the base so caused some mess on the floor.Not wasted though as through onto the patio.