28/05/16 | originally published in zooplus.it
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Ideal for three hungry cats

Perfect size for cats and great value for money. Great food and you can see that the cats love it!
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Really happy

All our cats love it!
21/12/15 | megan h
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excellent food! even for the fussiest of cat's!

I own 6 ragdolls and have gone through many different brands to find one that they all like (and that likes them in the toileting department!!!) I have one in particular that turns her nose up at just about any wet food....apart from this! She wolfs it down....infact they all do! Finally there are lots of empty bowls in our house and purrs of contentment afterwards. The frustration of finding a cat food that works for us is finally over! It is pricey compared to some brands....but the quality is a world above many of the other brands (all of which on zooplus we have tried) and when you take into consideration the amount of money wasted throwing uneaten cat food in the bin with some of the other foods...then this is definitely money saved in the long run. Their coats have come on leaps and bounds too, with lush glossy fur already and they have only been on it 1 week! We couldn't be happier with it! Paws up from us!
29/05/15 | originally published in zooplus.es
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Couldn't be happier the chicken fillets

I tried the chicken fillets and they are very good. I used to make boiled chicken (homemade, just boiled in water) but these tins are much bigger and better. They have a strong but not overpowering smell, which my cats really like. I keep this in the fridge and add a little bit to their food to make it more yummy. When there's a bit stuck to the bottom of the tin I mix it with a bit of water to make the most of it and put it in their bowl with the chicken. Simply amazing.
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Great quality!

I bought the Tuna and Chicken for my two little monsters and I'm very pleased to say that they ate it without getting bored by the time it was fed for a second time! Almo are quite expensive, but this is one of their cheaper lines and it was still of great quality (and overall with pet food, you get what you pay for). Plenty of meat in a nice wet sauce, not processed rubbish, so I'm happy to feed my cats this product.
17/02/15 | zoe
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so pleased

wow the only cats food that has stopped my one cat from being sick her weight and fur have improved imensely and she looks like another cat know.im so happy with this food and to top it off all three of them love it,it is a little expensive but if you buy it in larger tins it works out cheaper and for such simple high quality food with no rubish added in im glad that i can give them such great quality food.i would highly recomend it to anyone,just try it you can always go back to what your cat is on now but im sure you wont.
16/01/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Used to top quality

The food in the big tins is exactly the same quality as I'm used to from the smaller 70g and 140g tins from Almo Nature Classic. Unfortunately the selection is very chicken heavy, which is where I miss the variety that the small tins give you. My cats think the same ;)