01/11/17 | may
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my cats favourite too!

always eats it all! which is a first! i've tried all the others - bozita and applaws, etc to no avail. commercial cat food he'll eat but leave pellets behind. so though this is quite expensive, none of it is wasted. I buy chicken and liver. p.s. he didn't get on with the pate only Almo Nature Legend, and I only buy him chicken and liver as don't think they need all these weird additions like cheese or pumpkin! Also the fish ones are not meant to be good for cats - too strong flavours.
18/09/17 | Isa
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My 8 yo, extremally fussy cat, just loves it! She's even meowing for more than usual size of portion! It's incredible. Cans are perfect sized. No wasted food. Cat is happy, with shiny coat and full of energy.
15/08/17 | Tracy
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My cats favourite

My British shorthair loves the chicken and tuna variety, she's not usually bothered about food but cleans her bowl at once when I give her this and purrs her head off. Just glad to find a food she loves
17/06/17 | mary ann
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at last - a quality cat food my cat WILL actually eat!

I have tried different wet cat foods to try and wean my cat off commercial food e.g. Felix. He only really eats Felix and even then often leaves the actual (protein) pellets behind! I also feed some raw chicken daily. I have wasted so much money having tried every quality high-content meat cat food, and this is the only one he eats all up from the word go!
25/01/17 | Andrea Abbott
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My cats love this especially the chicken and cheese its a great food and cost less than a certain other brand i cant mention great quality food devoured in seconds but knowing full well my cats are having the correct value of meat and protein in their diet I would highly recommend this food
14/01/17 | Eva
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Great and healthy

My two Chartreux kittens go absolutely crazy for it, not just the female kitten who loves the smell of the cheese, but also the male licks the bowl clean.
04/08/16 | Sade
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Keeps noisy cats quiet

My Beldaran had her first tin of tuna and clams today. And I haven't heard a peep out of her since. She's a litle madam, and will sit and meow at her bowl until you fill it and sometimes after if she isn't satisfied. The little Queen gobbled it up and is now currently fast asleep after such a fine feast. I can't wait to try her on the squid and whitebait. Fingers crossed she enjoys it all as much as this one
25/06/16 | Rachel
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Good food

My cat is really fussy and like to change flavours a lot. She was on applaw, but I could see her interests for food was dropping everyday. So I bought these ones. I bought tuna and whitebait, chicken and pumpkin, salmon, and seafood mix for her to try. The result is a mix. She loves tuna and whitebait, ok with chicken and pumpkin. But would Only lick the broth of salmon and seafood mix. It would be nice if there is a pack with amixed of all varieties.
09/06/16 | CJ
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My cat is learning to be a real fuss-pot when it comes to food. Flavours she ate a year ago, she turns her nose up at now. But from the Almo brand, pacific tuna is her favourite flavour, she gobbles it down. Happy cat = happy Mum.
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My cat absolutely loves the Tuna and Whitebait, he cleans the bowl out before he touches his favourite biscuits 😸 Very happy and contented cat
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One can tell this food is premium quality just by looking at it: it seems fit for human consumption. My two rescue/half stray kitten love it.
11/10/15 | T Neilson
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Great dinner for kittens

I feed a mixed diet of Almo Legend tinned food and dry food to my adult cats. I was pleased to see when my new kitten arrived that Almo have Kitten Legend tinned food. It is more like a mousse than the normal Legend tinned food, but he loves it. He has half a tin in the morning and half at night with dry food in between.
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My 3 cats are horribly fussy and two of them are on a sensitive diet - so apart from applaws this is the only other food that doesn't send them running to the litter box ! Its got my vote and worth every penny! Also the Almo mini food, perfect size as a treat and contains no junk like some treats.
10/05/15 | Pam
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Almo is an excellent cat food with offers excellent value for money. Daxter has tried many of the different flavours and tuna,chicken and cheese is his favourite with chicken and cheese coming a close second.
03/05/15 | Fiona
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Cats adore this

Got these as a free sample for ordering over a certain amount to qualify, so pleased I did get them, with fussy cats one waste so much and samples or promotions are so valuable. One of my cats turns her nose up to everything and I was so surprised to see her tuck into this, a hit with some of my cats but not with all, but really pleased the cat in question has found something she likes......it would be nice to have sample of all flavours to try and see if she likes any other flavours!
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My 9 month old ragdoll has just eaten a whole can (which is unusual for him to eat wet food at the best of times) of Tuna, Chicken and Cheese. Will be stocking up on this, great product :)
15/04/15 | Lorri Harrison
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Great cat food

I will only feed my cat human grade or fit for human consumption food. This fits the bill and is high quality with real ingredients you can see. The seafood mix smells extremely strong so unless your cat eats all in one go, you may not want this flavour hanging around!
11/06/14 | Pamela Boyle
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The best

Tuna,chicken and cheese is my cat Daxter's favourite flavour in this Almo range. There is hardly any waste from the can as usually eats every last bit of it, making it very good value for money.
08/03/14 | Cathie
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My cats' new favourite food

Sadly even more expensive than Applaws wet food but they really love it!