03/06/21 | Amalia

My cats loved this food

I have never seen my cats devour something before. They loved this brand. I will definitely buy more for them! Highly recommended!

06/25/19 | MOS

He likes it

My 3-year-old Savannah cat likes these. Especially "Beef, Turkey & Shrimp" and "Beef, Turkey & Rabbit". I will be buying more as the dish is both on the cheap side, and with good ingredients.

12/02/18 | Lotus shephard

Good food for fussy kitties

I have 3 cats who are all fussy eaters,I bought this food for them and they absolutely love it so much they all lick their bowls clean

10/17/18 | Amber

Fussy cat

My cat is very fussy she also has a sensitive stomach, she LOVES this food which I brought on chance as she's not very keen on beef

09/19/18 | Socio

A great option

I have only tried the beef and cod flavour for my cat who’s allergic to poultry. No issues whatsoever, he licks the bowl clean every time!!

05/31/18 | Annarosa Ivaldi

damaged tins

I'm sorry to say that the tin have lost their vacuum sealing and it's the cause of bad smell and cats diarrhea. Till 2017 and early 2018 the tins were ok. Now them all are damaged.


Cats love the taste but it gave 1 of them diarrhoea

We have 2 cats, both of which love the taste of the Beef, Chicken & Duck Hearts- however it gave one of our cats diarrhoea for weeks, I assume because of the high offal content. Be careful

08/08/17 | Nav

Great food, great price.

Fantastic food, at a good price.


So good you want to eat it yourself! Corned beef smell.

I am actually vegan but everytime I open this I get that inner caveman come out that's how good this smells! Cats LOVE it....it's easy to cut up and great value I'd say.

03/16/17 | Steph

Great quality meat

I really wanted to feed my cats something's more meaty compared to stuff like felix or whiskas that basically has nothing to it. This is very meaty, smells really good, my cats love it and it's so much better for them. It's also the cheapest real meat based cat food that has the important stuff like taurine! My cats were unsure at first but love can't get enough of it.

03/05/17 | Lisa

No more digestion issues!

Changed both my cats to this after some research on why at least three times a week my older cat (12) was vomiting the usual Felix pouches back up. The grain free and higher meat content has turned meal times around. No more vomiting and much happier and healthier cats. Higher meat content smells so much better too when you open a tin! , 👍🏻

09/30/16 | Nina Harvey

Excellent stuff

I tried some of these cans as an alternative food for my raw fed ferrets. They are used to high meat content food and these tins are great to give my ferrets when raw may not be appropriate or so easy like when at vets or travelling etc. The quality of food is great and they took to it with very little fuss. I've just order a multibuy of adult food as I know I will continue to serve this as a regular part of their varied diet.

09/18/16 | Lauren


Mine do enjoy this and I wanted to switch to a higher meat content! I have about a week to go on the multi pack and for my two boys one tin lasts two days as I only feed it once at night then they have grain free biscuits in the morning which seems to work... Wondering which flavor is most popular and what to go for next. Shame there isn't a duck flavored one as I know my boys love duck !

12/07/15 | Molly perrin

Cats love it.... My nose doesnt!!!

My two indoor cats love this food,but since they have been in this food my goodness they have the smelliest poops I have ever smelt! They are very normal poops so it's not causing any digestive issues apart from the smell They have always been on a grain free diet and I have never had this problem before. I wonder if this for is too rich for them. It's a shame as the cats always finish the food and if it wasn't for the stink it would be a 5 star review! I guess its back to the old food which wasn't so appetising for the cats.

05/10/15 | Lucky

loves it warmed a little

My cat is quite fussy. I tried this "straight" from the tin and she ate it a little. However when I tried again later in the day, I took the tin out of the fridge and served up some more..she flatly refused it. Assuming it was because it was cold, I pinged it for 20 secs in the microwave ( I use ceramic cat bowls ) and she wolfed it down! Eveytime I feed this food I zap it first and she gobbles it up. Just a tip f you have a cat that does not seem that interested in it. Nearly the whole mixed pack is gone and I will order more. Her coat is so shiny and glossy. One happy owner :)

03/17/15 | Moomoo

My diabetic cat loves it.

I have three cats and they are all on different foods which is a real pain,my diabetic cat is on a high meat content food , my 16yr old cat is on Sheba cause she's fussy and that's all she likes from the super market, my other cat is happy with most stuff, I tried bozita but it seams to upset there stomachs and as its expensive I'm reluctant to try different flavours. This animonda seems to suit all of them and the price is really good, I'm ordering more!

02/26/15 | Catherine

Kitty liked this... until we realised he was allergic

I really like the idea of Animonda Carny as I am firmly in the "cats are obligate carnivores and should therefore eat high meat content food" team. I had seen many recommendations for Animonda Carny from like-minded people and so ordered a mixed trial pack. My kitten wolfed it down the first time, so it must have smelt delicious, so it gets a thumbs up as with many others' cats in these reviews. I later fed some raw minced chicken & beef as a snack and he had vomiting and runny tummy incidents on two separate occasions, so I have isolated that down to when I started feeding beef. So sadly I will have to cut out Animonda Carny altogether as, despite the names of the flavours listed, the bulk of the meat used seems to be beef. In fact there are no flavours that does not use beef! This is my only complaint to be honest, and think it is still a very good option if your cat is not allergic to beef. It's a shame really as I have only fed one tin before finding this out, so still have 11 tins leftover! Guess they will be going to a rescue.

11/20/14 | Michelle


We have a hyperthyroid cat who I feed a diet of Bozita, fresh chicken/sardine & tuna- to keep her weight up and reduce tablet indicate to once per week. But she's been a little tired of the Bozita of late- Tried this brand as the meat content looked nice and high - well I have to say what a transformation! - she has put on weight and her fur is beautiful- even my other fussy cats lap this food up - will be buying more!

10/15/14 | helen

purrfect for our fussy cats

Both our cats are fussy with their food, but they both love Animonda Carny. The Bengal tries to open the fridge to help herself.

02/19/14 | L MacDonald

Amazed at the reception this food gets!

My Bengal girl has been picking her fluff out due to rolling back caused by a grain sensitivity. She only really eats shredded chicken like Applaws, or Sheba or Gourmet mini fillets but I've never really been that happy with the meat content of the foods and of course Applaws is complementary and she refuses to eat dried food. Initially she turned up her nose at the first can of this and Catz finefood, but after persevering, she now loves the Animonda Carny and howls if I put down her previous favourites. She even turns her nose up at shredded chicken! She also picks at her fur far less and is brighter and more lively.

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