14/10/17 | Andrea
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Good but

Have bought this a couple of times now and the cats seem to enjoy it most of the time. My big worry is the beef content, there is far too much in every variety. Not knowing the source of the beef is worrying, when I think back to times of mad cow disease, I always worry about beef in pet foods.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Great value - Cats over-grooming

Occasionally dented cans. Nice look to product. A bit short on jelly, good meat content. My two Burmese eat about 1 large can a day. Recently, they have exhibited signed of over-grooming and itchy skin on legs and belly. I swapped to Whiskers pouches (chicken and fish from local supermarket) and they eat loads more but their skin irritation and over-grooming has ceased and fur is returning in those areas. I will cycle brands more.

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