Better than some

The 5 month old kittens ate it but not as enthusiastically as some other products. The 2 year old eats anything stole what was left over!

08/31/18 | Lin

Kitten love chicken

I bought variety pack..found my 12 week kitten liked poultry with liver best...1 tin lasted 2 meals for 2 cats...they definitely prefer this consistency..will buy again


Good quality!

My sphynx kitten really likes it - I also buy Smilla kitten food that's in the same format but decided to try this for a change. My kitten won't eat food in pouches (just licks off the gravy or jelly) and I find tinned is better quality!


Not great

Kitten was not happy to eat this, only would when very hungry. Would also have a slightly runny poo when he did.

01/08/18 | Val

Baby Pate

Might be great for some cats, but does not seem to agree with my boy's tummy (lots of gas and slightly runny poo)....it's a shame! I really wanted to like it.

01/06/18 | Andy

Maincoon ❤ it

Bought this after raw food didn't agree with one of our kitty's. Great value for money and the turin has glossed their coat. I add omega 3 oil to the food bought from Zooplus for healthy heart and further hair gloss. Don't forget that every cats different so it can take time to find the right food for them.

12/13/17 | Lisa

Brilliant stuff, good value for quality!

I bought this for my two ragdoll kittens who are used to Lily’s kitchen curious kitten wet, as a slightly cheaper alternative to rotate with. It actually has the same meat content, and works out much cheaper. Still the same chunky pâté type texture, I mash it a bit with a fork before giving it to them. One kitten loved it, the other had a bit and then left it and went back to it a few times - 2 empty bowls in the end! It smells as good as the Lily’s kitchen stuff to me! Will buy again.

09/16/17 | Andrea

Good quality

This is fairly good quality , but still feel its to chunky for kittens, far better to have a mousse texture

06/14/17 | Dora

My kitten seems to love it

My new ragdoll kitten have been eating whiskas from when he was weaned from his mum. I heard loads of bad things about whiskas so decided to switch him to better quality food and i came across animonda, it has loads of positive reviews online and seem to have high meat content and no carbs or fillers. So decided to try to give it to my kitten but i was a bit worried he wont eat it.... i must say as soon as i opened the can and let him smell it he went crazy for it... he had 2 massive portions and lick of the plate each time. The food actually smells lovely (poultry flavour), reminds me of spam, and it has paste consistency with some small bits and small amount of jelly so ideal for a small kitten, so far im super impressed with it, and no upset stomach today (touch wood). I will definitely will be ordering more flavours!! Oh and price is very decent too especially if you order in bulk


Kitten loves it.

Spent ages trawling Zooplus trying to decide on a good quality, ideally grain free kitten food for our new kitten and eventually settled on Animonda Carny Kitten. It's been 3 weeks now and Kitten loves it, I got the mixed pack which comes with a variety of interesting meat flavours. Fully expecting kitten to suddenly decide he no longer likes this food anymore as per the nature of most cats, but for the time being he really enjoys it and its reasonably priced to boot.


Mixed results

Our 3 kittens liked the food, but it doesn't seem to agree with all of their stomachs so well as other foods - one of them ends up with runny poo after eating this.


Kitten Loves This

Having tried many different types of wet food with my Birman kitten, I finally had success with this food. This brand is the only one she will eat without me needing to sprinkle bits of meat or fish on top to tempt her. She eats them all, but I think her favourite is the Rabbit flavour.

03/03/17 | MrsR

Very happy active kittens

We have 2 rescue kittens (brother & sister) - 1 was very small, quiet & inactive when they first arrived - we were advised to continue feeding they same supermarket food they had been used to but we were getting concerned - changed gradually to Animonda & Smilla over a week & since then we've seen a huge difference - poo's are MUCH better & she is a much happier, heavier & more active little girl :) They both LOVE this food & not a scrap is wasted - can't recommend highly enough

01/02/17 | Linzi

My kitten loves it!

Great food, high quality and at a fantastic price. The only flavour my kitten doesn't like is the one with veal, apart from that she gobbles it down! Would highly recommend.


Kitten loves it, glossy coat

My kitten just cannot get enough of this! It's made a *huge* difference to his coat, which became noticeably shinier after a week of Animonda and is now so shiny and soft. The only con is that it's disgusting when you dish it out of the can - but more than makes up for it in price and quality.


animonda carny kitten food poultry.

i weaned my kitten onto this kitten food gradually over a week. otherwise a change of cat food would have given him the runs. he eats animonda carny kitten food like there is no tomorrow loves it. will be keeping him on it then .later on the adult one'

11/22/16 | SueW

Best kitten food ever

We have just taken on a feral kitten, she was on whiskers KF and wasn't putting any weight on, so I spoke to a rescue centre for advice and I was told to try this food, she's now started to put weight on as she loves this food, in just over a week of owning her she's put on a good amount of weight, no longer that skin and bone skeleton we rescued, I'm definitely going to order more so she'll be a happy and healthy kitten, she is doing so well in every aspect now.

10/21/16 | Delly

Non opposable thumbs up from my Maine Coon Kittens

I have 2 5 month old female Maine Coon kittens and we were told James Wellbeloved which we have bought for a while but with the price hike it was costing us silly money, so I went on a search for our kitties and found this. Side by side it's better for them 1/2 the price near enough and they can't get it down quick enough! Happy Kittens, happy wallet!!!

09/02/16 | angela rico

kittens loved it

i fed my 5 week old kittens on this and they absolutely love it i am very pleased with the product as it has a pleasant smell unlike some other brands that linger.



I was very worried about switching my kittens food, I definitely wanted her to be eating a higher meat content which this food has, after a lot of research this brand has come out on top with affordability and quality. I needn't have worried she absolutely loves it, her appetite is better than ever and it's smells not to bad too. 5*

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