Better than some

The 5 month old kittens ate it but not as enthusiastically as some other products. The 2 year old eats anything stole what was left over!

01/08/18 | Val

Baby Pate

Might be great for some cats, but does not seem to agree with my boy's tummy (lots of gas and slightly runny poo)....it's a shame! I really wanted to like it.

09/16/17 | Andrea

Good quality

This is fairly good quality , but still feel its to chunky for kittens, far better to have a mousse texture


Mixed results

Our 3 kittens liked the food, but it doesn't seem to agree with all of their stomachs so well as other foods - one of them ends up with runny poo after eating this.

09/21/15 | Cheryl

Didn't like

Sorry but my sphynx who normally eats anything did not like this food unfortunately :(

09/08/12 | Dee


All varieties are very beef heavy and my kitty's not impressed. She's a hunter of the first order, bringing many prey home to mummy - from spiders to mice. Perhaps she knows she could'nt bring down a cow and that's why she takes her time. Otherwise, nice texture and smell. Just not a favourite at all.

07/13/11 | ash

good quality but kitten went off it quite fast

Theres no doubt that this a fantastic quality food at a really reasonable price - in fact it works out cheaper than a lot of supermarket mid range stuff out there. My kitten loved this at first and would wolf down every last bit but seems to have gone off it now. I'm not sure if she's just bored, it would have been nice to geta mixed flavours variety pack in the kitten food. I'm going to try out the pouches next as perhaps they may be a bit tastier than canned in general? I've found that in other brands anyway. I'd still recommend this though as a great value, quality product.

02/07/10 | Rachel Tosun

I like the meat content

I was a little disappointed with this. I love the fact that it is 100% meat but despite wafting it under the noses of four cats it doesn't disappear like applaws. It does get eaten (I give 1/4 can to two kittens) it doesn't disappear like I hoped.

10/27/09 | eva

about that 90 % meat

meat and animal by-products. that solves the mistery of such low price. But still, better 90% than 4%.