06/14/17 | Dora

My kitten seems to love it

My new ragdoll kitten have been eating whiskas from when he was weaned from his mum. I heard loads of bad things about whiskas so decided to switch him to better quality food and i came across animonda, it has loads of positive reviews online and seem to have high meat content and no carbs or fillers. So decided to try to give it to my kitten but i was a bit worried he wont eat it.... i must say as soon as i opened the can and let him smell it he went crazy for it... he had 2 massive portions and lick of the plate each time. The food actually smells lovely (poultry flavour), reminds me of spam, and it has paste consistency with some small bits and small amount of jelly so ideal for a small kitten, so far im super impressed with it, and no upset stomach today (touch wood). I will definitely will be ordering more flavours!! Oh and price is very decent too especially if you order in bulk

06/27/16 | James-Forbes

Good but not Perfect

Great for my persian kittens because it doesn't have sticky jelly/gravy that gets in their fur or sticks to their flat faces. They will eat it, but without enthusiasm and I have to rotate with other brands to stop them going off of it altogether. Saying that they look good on it, shiny coats and no runny stomachs.

03/22/14 | Sona

Great quality, Excellent value, Too much beef content

Kitty eats it all :-) I feel I'm giving my kitten a great quality food with this product, I also would be happy to feed him the adult varieties as the quality is high. My only issue is that regardless of the flavour, they're all predominantly beef. Some cats have allergies to beef. I also think that the individual flavour should contribute a higher percentage of the product. Excellent service from zooplus though :)

09/12/13 | Anne Roberts

Very good value and the kittens like it!!

Bought this because my two new Ragdoll x kittens where being very fussy and I was wasting a lot of food because they where turning their noses up at it. They love this food - it looks and smells great and they tuck into it straight away - two happy kittens - one happy owner :-)


wish it came in a smaller size

Fussy kitten likes this one, particularly with the rabbit, but I wish it came in a smaller tin or pouch.