11/28/18 | Samantha

Kitten likes it

My British shorthair kitten likes this food a lot but she doesn’t go as mad for it as she does with more moist food with more jelly.. sometimes I add jelly to it from other cartons I have to make it more moist. You can easily see that this is ‘proper’ cat food and it’s what they should be eating with it’s high meat content.

11/27/18 | Laurel

He loves it!

My baby was on Felix Kittens mixed pack, but I wasn't a fan of the meat %, along with the rest of whatever is in their contents. I found this company and was happy with the full ingredients and the price, I was a bit worried my cat wasn't going to like it, as some people had mentioned their cats didn't... But he loves it *so* much!! He was purring on his first bowl of it :) I prefer tins as opposed to sachets for a few reasons, too. I would highly recommend this food to anyone's little kitty.

11/16/18 | Lola

We switched from Applaws

We switched from Applaws to this food this week and our kittens and cats are so much happier. They run around more and have fuller bellies. Really good value for money.

09/22/18 | Sarah

Good value, good quality and kittens love it

Our kittens love this (although to be fair, they will scoff down any food I give them!). I did a lot of research and this seemed to be the best value kitten food with a high meat content. I love how transparent the ingredients list is - I feel reassured that I'm giving my kittens good quality food. The big cans are very useful for two kittens; I was getting through so many of the tiny sachets.

08/09/18 | Sophie


Was recommended this product on a cat forum, the high meat content and the low price tag won me over, as I was interested in raw feeding, but was worried about the costs and getting the measurements correct. My two male kittens adore it. They have half a 400g tin (so 200g each a day) on a morning and evening, and I leave a serving of Arden Garden (also available on zooplus) dry food out during the day. The boys seem to thoroughly enjoy this wet food, and they are a good weight and healthy


Great product, not so keen

This is exactly what I was looking for! Affordable, large cans for multiple cats, high meat content, great for kitties with delicate tummies. Good poops all round! However... mine were not keen on the flavour. ( I got beef, veal, chicken) they kept going to it, taking one bite then leaving it. I will try the other flavours as it’s exactly what they need but just need to find that right flavour for my fussy babies.


Great for breeders who need to feed many kittens

I have really stuck to Royal Canin, but having two litters of kittens at once I needed to be able to feed them more. I was worried to try an unknown brand. After one day of getting used to this food, the kittens love and everyone is thriving and doing really well. I still prefer the look and texture of the Royal Canin, but it is so important with many cats to be able to have a big tin, and is a lot less wasteful too. It is a bit stinky so don't feed it in a room where you need to sit with it!


My cats favourite food

We've tried a few grain free, high meat content kitten foods and Carny is by far the favourite with my kittens. I'm happy because it's also the cheapest and seems excellent quality. The big tins are perfect if you have more than one kitten or for larger kittens that eat more.

02/08/17 | Tammy

Kitten loves it!

I wanted my kitten to move onto grainfree food so I purchased this and Smilla. This was a clear winner, being gobbled up in one sitting, the smilla would take him all day and I would have to bin some as it got too dry. The change from RC has not been a problem for his tummy either which is always a concern and the smell from the litter tray is certainly better.

01/08/17 | Shadows Cats

Ideal for feeding litters of kittens

As a breeder it is so much easier and more economical to be able to get large cans. I start with the little 200g cans of pate when weaning and work up to the large size as they grow older. The kittens all love the food which is meaty and not soaked in gravy or jelly. I have found it does not upset the kittens tummies, is well liked and does not make they hyper active like some other catfoods !


Large Kitten Cans

Really pleased to get this product in large cans .Being a breeder the small cans aren't as handy .Hope they will sell this in all the other varieties.



I am really pleased by the ingredients but I think there should be some more taurine in it. My cat still loved it!

12/28/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Maine coon kitten

Good food good price!!