07/03/16 | R.Weeks
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My cats won't touch it :-(

I'm gutted that we've had to send back a recent order of Bozita as our two kitties will no longer touch it. It's such a shame as the meat content is so high and the value for money so good. They tolerated it to begin with and then simply stopped eating it after about a week (all varieties). One cat even mimicked burying it! I tried mixing it with steamed white fish and/or tuna, but nothing. I wouldn't even say our cats are overly fussy. Oh well. Onwards and upwards. We're trying James Wellbeloved next, with the usual Cosma tin in between as a treat. Finest crossed they like that as trying to get a grain free, good quality complete food isn't easy.
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It's ok

After reading the reviews on Bozita and also seeing as it was a more ethical company, I had high expectations. The cat has it to vary the dinner plate as she eats mainly Animonda Carny but she does prefer the carny and I think Carny also has a higher meat content and contains less water than the Bozita. I would say it's ok for varying a bit but it's not as good as it could be. For a grain free wet food, it's good value for money but I don't think it's the dishiest food for the cat. She doesn't like the carton version very much and my friend's cats have had the same reaction.
17/04/12 | MDL
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Nice idea but a variety pack would be better

Pleased to see that Zooplus are trying to bring down the cost of the canned Bozita once more after steadily rising over the past couple of years, but to limit the 24 can bulk pack to one flavour is disappointing. Why not offer a variety option, with six cans of each flavour, similar to Smilla? Five stars for the product, but a deduction for limiting choice (which is essential for animals as fussy and as easily bored as cats!).
16/03/11 | Heather Vickers
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Not as good as the Bozita cartons

I tried both with my bengal. He definitely prefers the cartons, which to me seem like much better quality meat.
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Problems with tins exploding

I have been a great fan of Bozita tinned food for over a year as it offers great value and a good quality product. HOWEVER, the last batch I received was faulty....the first tin I opened exploded spraying rotten meat everywhere. The stench was overwhelming. I checked the rest of the tins and 2 more were the same. I AM NOT THE ONLY PERSON TO EXPERIENCE THIS PROBLEM. The tins did not look damaged in any way so the problem occurred at the production site. Zooplus have refunded for the goods but Bozita have fobbed me off with a formulaic reply to my complaints which I do not think is satisfactory.