14/10/17 | Andrea
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Cats love it, smells nice

This is a high quality food, smells like corned beef and not full of nasty's like most pet foods. I only wish they did this in a 800g size for us with multiple cats.
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Diabetic Cat

We have been trying various foods for our recently diagnosed diabetic cat, with the focus on high protein/low carbs. We also wanted a product that our other 2 non-diabetic cats would enjoy. We tried Bozita, Granata Pet and Catz Finefood. Bozita and Granata Pet both went down very well with the diabetic cat, but the other 2 weren't bothered about any of them, which still makes it difficult at feeding times. However, Bozita is amazing value, and will continue with it.
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Good Food

This is a good food, perfect for me with lots of cats and kittens of different ages, they all seem to like it and tend to fill up quickly :) so good value for money, however I was disappointed that 4 of the cans were missing and zooplus refused to send the missing cans instead issuing a partial refund to cover the cost of the cans which for me will be problematic as I needed the whole order. Shame
13/03/13 | Gary
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My kitten had the best time

The woman at the rescue centre said she preferred dry food to wet and gave me some dry Royal Canin but at home she didn't seem too interested, only nibbling occasionally. I got out some Salmon Bozita that I had already brought and she ran out of her bed over to the dish and licked it dry, she hadn't shown any enthusiasm like it until then! My only wish was you could get a variety of flavours in these economy packs!
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Pretty good

My cats thrive on a mainly raw meat diet . Sometimes they go off it and become dissinterested in their food. I tried bozita on a recomendation from a bengal cat forum. It goes down very well with my cats and i trust it as a good alternative to the raw meat diet. I also use it to supplement the raw meat so that they are getting all the nutrients they require. It smells good, so much different to ordinary tinned cat food and despite a processed appearance it has a good high meat content.my cats like it as much as the tetra packed version and its even cheaper. Good value.
12/05/12 | Ian
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Great food but cans are dented

My 2 cats love this food and it seems to be good quality. I've ordered it a few times and every order the cans have come squashed into a damaged box, with no protection, so most of the cans are dented. Luckily none have split yet so the food inside seems fine.
01/09/11 | Olivia
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V. Pleased

I have tried 2 flavours now - salmon + chicken. My four cats like the salmon however only two the chicken! They do not go crazy over it however if they will eat it I would recommend! I have to give it a 4 as even though my cats are to keen they ear it and it has saved me alot of money as it fills them up really well - and far far better for your cat then the supermarket junk! Smells quite nice to :-)
14/08/10 | Ruth Sanderson
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Very happy pensioner cats!

I foster for a local animal charity, and specialise in oldies who are difficult to rehome. Our four very elderly cats (between 15 and 19 years)love the pate texture Bozita, but find the Bozita chunks a bit tough going due to lack of teeth!!! If you have oldies I recommend the pate tins and the Pate tetra pack varieties of Bozita rather than the chunks. My other three younger cats prefer dry food....sadly!