My cats don't like it

I was really surprised, because it was recommended by many people and it does have good quality ingredients. My british shorthair kittens liked it at the start and then she refused to eat it at all. I've tried to encourage her and motivate few times with total fail. My other cat scottish fold loved one of the flavours so we've ordered more and again, same situation. He refused to eat, even the flavour he liked.
07/02/18 | originally published in zooplus.fr


Sushi has become difficult in recent months, but these pouches are one of the few brands he will always finish. He loved all the flavours in Pack 2, so now I'm going to test Pack 1.
04/15/18 | originally published in zooplus.es

Fantastic wet food

This product has high quality ingredients, good palatability and lots of variety in the flavours, so my cat loves them. The mixed packs are also great value
02/10/18 | originally published in zooplus.de


Have tried several "good" wet foods, so far Catz Finefood is best. Now that I'm back on this, my cat loves it - yeeeeeess! And it's great that there are so many flavours, I'm totally excited.
02/02/18 | originally published in zooplus.es

Loves it

My cat loves these pouches. I have tried lots and it has been difficult to find them, but she is delighted with these and so am I
02/01/18 | originally published in zooplus.es

Catz finefood

It has been a really find, there is lots of variety without being just typical tuna with something, and they loved it! Some smell of homemade stew, incredible!

Arrives well

One of our two is very fussy about wet food. From this multipack she likes all the varieties. Great that it is only 85g in a pouch. Our other one will eat everything you give her and sometimes gets a second pouch. A clear conscience about the ingredients as well :)

Very good product, immediately accepted

Our cat is greedy but does regulate food levels well. He has dry food available (mixed without grains) and eats 1/2 pouch of this per day. We mix it with green beans or courgette for a fuller feeling and he devours his bowl. Every night he sets up next to the fridge to claim his prize! He loves all the flavours. I always get mixed packs I and II.
08/24/17 | originally published in zooplus.de

Catz Finefood multipack

I bought both multipacks, and now I have reordered them. It tastes very good, the bowl is always emptied. Without grains (except one variety) and no additives. Always good.

The cat loves it!

I initially bought these pouches to see if our British Shorthair liked it. The food smells like sausage! It was eaten immediately and no likes it even better than the previous food (Felix). Now he only gets this and everyone is happy :)

Very good food

I wanted to feed our cat a great food from the start, so I chose Catz Finefood. Our cat really likes this food and the variety is great - 6 different flavours in the 12 pack. Constipation is no longer an issue since feeding this food. I can absolutely recommend it.
07/07/17 | originally published in zooplus.it


I bought a trial pack and liked all of them...my kitten is not easily satisfied! Excellent product from all points of view.
07/07/17 | originally published in zooplus.it

Excellent product

I bought the trial pack a long time ago and have not stopped ordering it since, very good product to please my fussy cat. Completely recommend.
05/05/17 | originally published in zooplus.it


Good product from all points of view. It's not cheap, but the quality is there and the cat enjoy sit. There are many flavours to satisfy all cats.
04/04/17 | originally published in zooplus.de

Catz Finefood

Delicious. My cat is very crazy about it (my late cat also found it delicious). She likes to eat it and it seems to taste good. Well-accepted and smells nice. So all are happy. Up to now we've tried the poultry and salmon variety. We will keep on trying them!
03/31/16 | nta16

really good quality but not for our cat

Only looses a star because our cat wouldn't fully test, but these have a wide range of very decent ingredients that sound and look good, with elements that are good for cats like lean meat, heart, stomach, liver, ect.. Unfortunately after many other attempts I have to accept that our cat just won't feed on paté style foods so another lot of very good food will go to the local branch of Cats Protection.
06/23/15 | Lucky

Changed my mind!

Ok...so I was very negative about this product back in March....however I stuck with it and used up what I could. I found that that the mixed pack 1 went down better than the mixed pack 2. I noted what flavours were top hits and complete misses and now will order 4 specific flavours rather than buy mixed boxes to avoid wastages. The ingredients are top notch in this and you can tell by the smell when opening the pouch that its decent quality. I always prefer pouches over tins. I wish more higher quality cat food companies would adopt pouches over tins.
03/18/15 | Sylvia

A Happy Cat and Upright

My 10 year old has been fed dry food previously as she has never been able to retain wet and usually regurgitates soon after eating, despite the vet saying there is no apparent reason for it. Not this wet food though, she loves it - especially the fish varieties - and it does not upset her. I think maybe she has an intolerance to the high cereal content found in many foods.

Happy Cat

My tabby has been eating a wet food that you can buy in the supermarket, but I was worried he was only eating meat derivatives. I've been trying to find a higher meat content food for him that he will eat. It's been an experiment, but out of everything I have tried he seems to enjoy this the most.

Loves It

I was a little worried in trying out new food on my Bengal, especially as there had been no reviews on it. I used to feed him on Applaws, or more recently Almo Nature Green Label as this was better than Applaws. So far I am very happy I made the switch to Catz. My little guy absolutely loves it. I also like that is is fortified with vitamins, which a lot of foods aren't. The pouches are full right up and each one has just a little more than my guy can eat in one sitting. Assuming he enjoys the rest of the flavours, I will be sticking with this brand going forwards

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