05/02/18 | fleagbag's mum
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Not the same

My cat LOVES the rabbit flav. When I realised they were stopping that in the UK I stocked up like mad. Ran out recently and bought some here, so pleased to find it. My cat won't touch it. Tried a few times, he just recoils. It can't be the same at all. I wish that was clear when buying it as I've just bought two large boxes. This is the second time I have left a review on this product and zooplus aren't publishing it. I don't know why - I bought the food from from them and it's a fair review.
02/12/13 | scotro
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Henry wont eat anything else

i've tried all the good quality brands under the sun . he just wont eat anything else. so , even though is a very poor quality and the meat content is non existing I'll have to feed him Felix. the only saving grace is that he likes good dry food with a high meat content