09/02/19 | Annette Yeates

Happy cats

My 2 cats love this Felix. Zooplus is great to order from. Dpd are the best for delivering to Ireland. Thanks to all.

11/14/18 | Joanne Rice

Very good

My cats love felix. It's really handy this app as I don't drive so it means no more carrying very heavy boxes of cat food. Love this app.

06/22/18 | Laura gellatly

My kitties love it!!

My kitties always eat every single bit of it, juicy and a lot more hard jelly like than other brands (which my 2 prefer). Have been using it for a few months switching between other brands for variety but they always prefer this and will continue to buy it.

06/11/18 | Laura




Best price around

Great price. Great delivery. Well packaged. 2 Happy cats. Thank you.

04/17/18 | glenda mcginty


it is such a pleasure to shop at your store. i have been shopping with you for quite a while and have never been disappointed. thank you

03/01/18 | John Ward

My old cat

I have just been passed this old cat. The old owner said he was 20 years old!!!! Anyway, l have never had a cat before so l checked to see what was available on line and decided the Zooplus website seemed to be the best, and so ordered 176 sachets of cat food!! I know l am made my wife goes barmy when l order so much, but hey ho, just keep fingers crossed the cat does not die before he eats it all. Mind you he is old and skinny but eats like a horse (Normally 3 to 4 pouches per day plus).


Fantastic service

I have 3 cats, one of whom has a delicate stomach and can only eat this food, so it can get quite costly as prices in shops vary so much. Zooplus deliver the best priced felix as good as it looks to my door in a couple of days. Excellent service every time.

03/25/17 | David weall

Cats love it

Been buying from zooplus for about 18 months now and never has anything gone wrong. Price is great, delivery is great, would never buy from anywhere else now...

02/19/17 | Claire

Great food pack

Great food at great price. With great delivery. Will buy again

02/13/17 | Rae Vose

Great food at a great price

I have researched prices for Felix extensively and Zooplus are by far the cheapest. This is important when you have 5 cats! All my cats love Felix, but only the "As Good As It Looks" variety.



My cats love this mega pack. Finished all pouches and play with the empty box!!

02/06/17 | Gaenor Moore

Cats love it

This is the only cat food my cats will eat Felix as good as it looks. I have even witnessed one of them ripping open the packet! Along with great service and great price cannot go wrong.

02/05/17 | Jason

Great Value

We always buy these mega packs of felix as they are such good value compared to single boxes. I haven't found them anywhere cheaper. The cats love them!

02/05/17 | Sarah

Alot cheaper than supermarkets

Our cats are fussy and will only eat as good as it looks so I go through it really fast. This is the cheapest I've found it is always delivered pretty quick.


My mogs love it!

My two cats adore Felix As Good As It Gets. It does look tasty, with plenty of meaty chunks. They won't eat anything else now. Zooplus prices are very reasonable and the service is great!

02/05/17 | lynn

fantastic value for money

My five cats love as good as it looks. Although the flavours are different to the uk version the cats still love them. The prices are very good in comparison to supermarkets and works out a good deal when buying in bulk. The only problem can be the packing in transit. Sometimes there is not enough packing material, the boxes jiggle about and some packets have split open.

11/15/16 | Sian - Oscar


Just got a rescue cat. This is a great way to find out what he likes and if there is something he turns his nose up at, I'll give it to the rescue centre. The boxes aren't UK but there's enough info in multiple languages for me to understand. After all the cat can't read! 😜 Will be buying in bulk again.

10/27/16 | Manon


Love it love it love it You bulk buy and save!

05/09/16 | Lorna Cowie

Apparently very delicious!

My cats are picky eaters, and eat only Felix. I was worried that a different recipe would cause them to leave the food, but I shouldn't have worried! They jam their faces into this like never before, even the much hated pink packet (which previously they all ignored) now gets eaten up without complaint. The food from packet looks exactly the same to me, but is apparently so much more delicious.