10/22/17 | nta16

Poultry a good quality complete food

A good food, this is a complete (rather than complementary / supplementary) moist food that includes a good mix of meat with offal as a thick-pâté with jelly. Not as wet or as much protein, but cheaper, than the Thrive Complete I usually give our cat but the offal content is a good idea in meals so Feringa pouches are perhaps even more complete. Our cat didn’t like this food but I’m sure many others would. A good quality cat food.

07/22/17 | Green V

My boys adore the food

My 2 boys and i have been a fan of Ferigna's food for a couple of years now. Recently I have decided to buy the "pounches" instead of the tin version. The boys obviously enjoy the food. I just wonder what makes the pouches a lot more expensive than the tin ones ? I checked the ingridents and all seem to be the same. All in all, I will keep buying Feringa but will only have the pouches when there is a deal. With 2 big hungry cats in the house, i can easily go bankrupt at this rate!