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Very good food. Easy transition.
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09/08/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Top quality

It's clear to see that this is high quality and well worth the money. Our cat loves it. We have never heard him smacking and enjoying his food like this. Every time he leaves his bowl totally empty.
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06/09/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Really high quality food

The food has a really high meat content and has no sugar or grain. We love it! And so do both of our cats !
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03/29/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Elli loves it!

Natural cat food that is healthy and delicious. My at loves the taste, and the food seems to really agree with her. My mum recommended it to me because both of her cats love the food, purring whenever it finds their way into their bowl. The creative flavour combinations are worth praising, and after searching far and wide I have found the best cat food - Feringa.
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06/18/18 | Mandy

I hope you keep this in stock

I adopted a two year old biscuit addict in December and no wet food would apeal to him, I've wasted so much money. As my boy loves feringa treats and biscuits l took a chance with the tinned meat. Success. The only criticism is it would be useful if it came in one portion sized tins.
05/09/18 | Alex

I like it but the cats don't

Very high meat content but unfortunately my cats do not like the consistency of the food.
09/22/17 | Charlotte

Great quality food for my fusspots

I have been trying to get my two rescue cats onto a high quality (high meat) cat food for ages (Lily's, Nature's Menu, James Wellbeloved, etc etc) and the same thing happens - Claude laps it all up and Cleo refuses to eat more than a few bites, having - I am sure - been raised on a diet of Felix/Whiskas/Sheba whilst at the shelter. This is the only high quality that Cleo will entertain and she will quite happily finish the bowl before going about her day. Please keep this, quality is fantastic!

Eaten under duress

My cat just sniffed this and walked away, tried the starving approach, but she would rather starve!

Not an ideal result

Feringa is one of six wet foods purchased from Zooplus for Caesar the fussy 12-year-old rescue Birman to try. It comes in 200g tins, which means half of it lives in the fridge until the next meal. Feringa looks a good quality food, if slightly on the solid side for Caesar. Unfortunately, he vomited it at 4.00 in the morning (no sign of a fur ball), so that's the end of the Feringa trial.

Not so good as I expected....

I thought these could be better than really they are: the first time I bought it, my cats ate them quite fastly, but the tired of this meal sooner than I expected! My cats hate chicken taste.

My older cat loves this

My cat is almost 13 and very fussy. The first time she was given this she wolfed it down. It has a pate like texture which she totally loves and the high meat content makes it a winner all round. Will be buying from now on.
05/09/15 | GV

Rabbit and mint

2 of my boys adores these one! its great!
01/31/15 | Martina

Fantastic quality with great price.

I was very hesitant about ordering Feringa as our indoor cat did not like Lilly`s KItchen nor Natures Menu or Grau ( which was a great shame ). She was given Feringa Salmon and Turkey mixed with a little bit of Thrive and hurray the bowl is clean. Feringa is a pate consistency but the smell is not very strong ( comparing to other brands we have tried). We will continue trying other varieties as ordered Mixed Trial Pack. I would prefer not to give her the version with potatoes but since they constitutes only 2% we will try. Fantastic variety of recipes!! If all continues to go well we will be a loyal fans of Feringa. Everything about this food seems right and it ticks the boxes for us! High meat content, made `locally`/Germany ( not like some other brands shipped from across the globe), exciting range of recipes, not overloaded with fish or chicken or beef, affordable, smells and looks good...cat likes it... free from many nasties with balanced ratio of calcium-phosphorus. Such a great value if you get it in 400g cans and spread portions across 2 days for a single cat 3-4kg weight (on wet only) Give it a go. :)
12/28/14 | Val

Excellent quality food

My two love Feringa. The Rabbit flavour is the favourite. It's natural, grain free and full of meaty goodness with all the vitamins they need! Would recommend in an instant. Feringa, along with Catz Finefood, are the only brands I will buy now for quality!
12/23/14 | Val

The best natural cat food we've tried!

I absolutely LOVE Feringa cat food. The Rabbit, Parsnip and Catmint has to one of the favourites from my two. It smells like proper meat and looks wholesome too. I would much rather spend a few extra Pounds to get great quality, grain free, natural food than spend not much less and get 4% meat derivatives. Good work Feringa - myself and my cats are loyal to the brand!
11/30/14 | Green V

Rabbit with Parsnips & Catmint

Rabbit with Parsnips & Catmint is great! My boys live it and it smells really good too. MUST have
11/18/14 | Green V

Rabbit with Parsnips & Catmint

Rabbit with Parsnips & Catmint went down like storm! my boy love it. Will come back for more, Great value for saver pack
11/15/14 | Green V

Rabbit with Parsnips & Catmint

My boys adore this high quality meaty food! must try !
10/18/14 | Allergycats


Very pleased. Ordered it 7 times now - stocking up whilst it's on offer.my cats and kittens love it. No messy cat litter trays so It must be good.
09/10/14 | Claire Barker

I Can't Believe It!

My cats, all very fussy eaters, are eating and enjoying this food even though it's from a tin and not a pouch! Chicken with squash and catmint is the firm favourite! Another hit from Zooplus!

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