Not enough taurine

Since this food doesn't provide the daily taurine requirements for cats with its 700mg/kg (other brands in this price range offer 1500mg/kg, and cats need 50mg/kg of bodyweight) I can't add this into my regular offering or recommend it to anyone else. It's a real shame, because my cats love it. I hope the manufacturer improves this!
03/03/13 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Good product but my boys didn't like it!

I have two young, but big, boy cats who eat alot, but this did not go down well with them. I think it's great that the ingredients are good and it's all natural (i'm not at all squeamish about lungs, necks and tongues etc) being in the recipe because it's natural and part of a cats natural diet. But i'm afraid they just didn't like it! I have a feeling it could be the liver, I have given them wet food with liver previously and they left all of the liver untouched. Which is a shame because I have lots of leftover tins now! So, healthy and natural - but unappealing!

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