good value

Really good value for money however my cats didn't like the meat.

11/28/18 | Tina Hawksworth


We needed cat food that you knew the whole list of ingredient due to having a cat highly allergic to a lot of things, its true that this food meets this requirement although he can only have a couple of flavours because of these allergies but he has finally found a food he loves. Our other cat has no allergies but is in general a fussier eater and occasionally she will eat it but mostly walks off when we try. Still very grateful we found what we need at a very good price


Feringa Menu duo 200g

We changed to this food from Lily's individual trays, as recommended by a zooplus email, as t is considerably cheaper than Lily's but comparable quality. Both of our cats took to it straight away and leave clean bowls every time. They are fairly small cats and both eat 100g twice a day along with a top up Feringa biscuits. (We tried the sample pack before we committed to a full order)


Cats like it

My cats are on this plus Taste of the Wild dry food. They seem to prefer wet food but snack on the dry between meals. One of them had a lot of dandruff when we got her but since switching her food it is a lot better and her fur is much softer and shinier. I do find the product listing a bit confusing as there are so many pack variations.


My cat licked the bowl clean.

I bought the trial pack as my cat is a fussy eater. The 6 x 200 grams trial pack came with one of every flavour. My boy devoured it every time. Really pleased to have found a good quality product that is good value for money. It looks like a paté sort of texture and it doesn't smell unpleasant too.

04/09/18 | Jane

Good quality but doesn't suit my cat

Despite this not being suitable for my (grain intolerant) cat, I would recommend giving it a try, as it really is good food & just like us, each cat is different & it seems to have suited most other cats judging by the majority of reviews. .


Worst than Carny

Bought this for its good reviews as it was suggested as a cheaper version of Animonda Carny. I find it much worth (by looks) and my cat agrees.

03/17/18 | Rhonda

Great food at a great price!

My little Bailey Bengal Boy really loves this and it's got a really high meat content!

03/06/18 | Lucy Beaghen

Fussy cats like this food.

I have a new rescue cat who was given a main supermarket brand but now eats only this and her poos are firm chocolate logs now! I would recommend it. They all like the rabbit and turkey the best, it is a nice texture and good value for money


good quality but not a winner with 2 out 3 of my cats

Having researched about 15 different grain free brands I chose this one based on the fantastic reviews. Great quality food, beautifully packaged but 1 cat would not touch it , it gave 1 a really upset tummy and the other was sick. Called Customer Services and the very lovely Mari has arranged to refund me for the cans i havent used...bonus as i have had the same result with James Wellbeloved grain free which i also tried. Thank you Zooplus !!

10/25/17 | Justyna

Exellent quality, made with care, NO ANIMAL TESTING!!!!!

Feringa is cruelty free! Great value for money, my cats love it and my wallet loves it :)

10/18/17 | Vanessa

Cat loves them

My cat really loves these, convenient size tins if you are a one cat household.


Can't fault it

Started with feringa kitten food for our 2, which they absolutely thrived on. Gorgeous soft shiny coats. Now they are on the adult feringa and they continue to look beautiful. There is never an empty bowl!

04/30/17 | Carol jamieson

Great looking food

Thought I would give this a try for my renal cat as a treat and I never seen him eat anything so quickly he loved it.as soon as you open the tin you can see an smell the quality the consistency was just perfect as due to his illness suffers from occational ulsers we also have him on katovit renal that he also likes but will certainly give him more feringa as a special treat as it contains the highest quality human grade protein

04/14/17 | Emma

Great quality

My two love this, although it looks very similar to the Animonda Carny which they only nibble, the Feringa invariably gets eaten all up.


Quality at a great price

This food ticks all the boxes and my fussy cat loves the poultry flavours. Her previous food was making her itchy and many other brands upset her tummy so we are both really happy with Feringa.

10/09/16 | Izabela

it smells really bad

At the beginning I was quite enthusiastic when I saw the texture and my cat ate a little bit of it (tried the poultry one). But then my entire apartment smelled like decomposing garbage. It was absolutely unbearable even with open windows. If my cat would eat a bowl in one sitting maybe it wouldn't be that bad... but she's not that sort of a cat. So I won't open the next can. the ingredients and texture seem appealing, but if you can't feed it to cats outdoors..

08/21/16 | Jeni

They love it!

I only wanted to feed my new pair of Raggies decent food without grains and rubbish in and so I chose this brand to try. They love it and make so much noise when I get a can out! I mix it with their biscuits and a tin lasts me two or three meals for two cats.

05/25/16 | Katie


High meat content and grain free so all I'm looking for in a wet food. My boy has eaten every single variety until the bowl sparkles including the fishy flavours which he has previously turned his nose up at. The 200g tin is a great size too! Highly recommended!

12/09/15 | Rai

MummyCat very happy, Moggy Boys Love it!

Having tried many Grain-free, High Protein, No nasties wet foods this is the one I'm most inclined to write a review on. Recognisable bits of animal and vegetable are a plus, as it means it's all the good stuff for an obligate carnivore. With Feringa (we get the mixed saver packs for variety) I only need to give them a 200g pot for dinner between them which leaves clean bowls, happy tummies and the offers on Zooplus are good value for money.