09/04/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Greenwoods Adult Chicken Fillet

I adopted my rescue cat , Sabrina, when she was still actually a kitten. Unfortunately she had never been given kitten food, so I inherited a problem. She refused to eat any complete, wet cat food , and I tried every brand known to man or cat. Thankfully , she absolutely loves Greenwoods Chicken Fillet, probably because it can be recognised as being chicken ! The quality is excellent and it is a very reasonable price. I offset this with a complete dry food, which she loves.


The best for sensitive and fussy cats

Our cat has a particularly sensitive digestion and is also a very picky eater. This food - the chicken from Greenwoods - is the only thing that he will eat. And he will always finishes his plate. Porta 21 Chicken he won't even touch. He gets dry food too, currently using a mixutre of Kattovit Gastro and Happycat Sensitive. Everything going great for the moment and we are all very happy :)


Tasty and well liked by my cat

This is the only tinned chicken she will eat and she loves it.

11/08/18 | tracy

great food perfect

Brilliant food my cat like it. Could of done a bigger pack. Any still good price

09/23/18 | Maureen Quinn

Best cat food at realistic price - cats love it!

My 5 cats all love this food and lick their plates clean. I wish the 48 pack option was back as this made it even more economical. It is a food so similar to Applaws but at an affordable price so please keep selling it Zooplus as my cats all rate it the best!

05/09/18 | Irene.

Very good cat food.

It is a supplementary food as clearly stated. My cats love the chicken and the tuna and clean their dishes which is a good result. No waste, so I am happy with Greenwoods!

05/08/18 | rosemary rudkin

Greenwoods adult wet cat food chicken.

This product went down extremely well no left overs.! i shall certainly be ordering more.My cats recommend.!

03/05/18 | Maureen Quinn

Great food for fussy cats!

My cats really like this food and prefer it to Applaws which is similar but more expensive. I have tried all the flavours and it seems the tuna is their favourite so as well as some other quality cat foods and some freshly cooked chicken,they enjoy this giving them a balanced diet which shows in their shiny coats and bright eyes.


More flavours please

My cat enjoys this brand. She happily eats it and licks the bowl clean regardless of the flavour. The high meat content and natural ingredients means she is full and doesn’t beg (unlike when she got foods with sugar additives). But I am trying to reduce the amount of seafood she eats and would love more game flavours to rotate into her diet so would love if the maker could have more flavours. Love that they have the mixed trial packs in bulk and will be getting more of this brand

11/14/17 | Maureen Quinn

best food for fussy cats!

My 2 fussy housecats are very keen on this food. They prefer it to Applaws which is more expensive. It is the only food that there is no wastage with so I will need to stock up on it. They also get dry cat food and chicken so with this food they are getting all the nutrients they need.

11/11/17 | Maureen Quinn

Perfect food for fussy cats!

2 of my cats are ultra fussy however they both liked this food and cleared the plate. They seem to like this better than Applaws. I also feed them quality dry food and chicken so this will not be their only diet but is handy for the fussy days. I will order the larger pack to make sure I have a stock in the cupboard.


My cat is finally eating her left overs and no one is calling her skinny. FINALLY!

My cats is only 15 months old but we started out by feeding her applaws, Lily's kitchen, thrive, purizon which she still loves (and a few other grain free cat food brands) she was wasting a lot of the food. I would put her leftovers in a small plastic tupperware type box and try to give it to her later, it only worked twice! Since feeding her Greenwood she eats all of her wet food and she has gotten bigger and still growing! If she doesn't finish what's in her bowl she eats the rest an hour later! It is the first time I've gotten her to eat three full cans In one day and still eat the same amount the next day. We are definitely going to stick to this brand. Her fur is soft, shiny, thick and she's very content so we are happy for having this brand ☺️ I hope they make a dry food so I buy that on zooplus

07/26/17 | Shar

Very good food.

My cats love this food. I like the quality and price. I'm now having to buy bulk and share with friends as it's been a success with their cats, too. Will definitely buy again.

07/04/17 | Amanda

Best by far

I have two fusspots who only eat fish 4 cats and applaws I have been searching for something the same and cheaper as there usual brands are very expensive finally no difference at all from applaws and fish 4 cats and a so much cheaper they love clean bowls happy cat happy mam!!

04/05/17 | Karen

Best wet food I've found.

Our 2 cats absolutely adore this food, they polish it off in no time. It's really high quality food with no added nasties. We feed this alongside greenwoods biscuits for their complete diet.


Fab healthy cat food

My kitty absolutely loves this cat food. He's a purest and only likes natural food without sauces or added flavouring or ingredients. They're great as he doesn't like chewey or tough food. These are soft and easily digestible. As a pet owner, I feel great knowing the food is free from nasty added meat by products or other ingredients. My only suggestion would be if Greenwoods could add vitamins and taurine were added to them to ensure your cat is getting the nutrients his body requires.

02/05/17 | Daisy

Great Food for very fussy Bengals

Been trying different food with my very fussy bengal cats and this seems to be their favourite, both of them always finish their tin in one sitting.

02/05/17 | Jing Ma

Great food

My cat Yuki is a very fussy cat. She barely eats anything except tuna. Even tuna, she gets bored pretty soon. I have to rotate different food to keep her interested. This tuna she likes more than her applaw and alo nature ones. And it is cheaper too! I have re-orded 3 times now. She still likes them! (not the chicken ones though)

11/19/16 | Janine Gallagher

Fantastic Food

I changed my cat Jake on to this from Applaws, well what can I say he absolutely loves it the food doesn't have lots of water like Applaws and he eats every last bit of it the bowl is clean and if he had a chance he would eat more of it, He also has the Greenwoods dry food as well. His coat is so shiny since he has been on this it is well worth the money and if he is happy I am happy.

09/19/16 | Ria

Perfect for fussy cats.

I bought these tins as my cat wasn't fond of many foods he only likes plain food. These tins are exactly as they are described, natural and fresh chicken and fish and only a very small amount of rice, which doesn't affect my cat. With no additives preservatives or other nasties, I know my cat is eating healthily.