My cat didn't think this was food

My cat would not touch this even when mixed with something else, even her favourite food. Disappointment, especially given the high price.
11/29/08 | Heidi Stevenson

Very expensive. My cat wouldn't eat it.

This was very disappointing. I try to feed my cat high quality food that's as close to a wild cat's perfect diet - mostly meat, no preservatives, organic, no grains - as possible. This sounded like the real thing. I tried two different varieties, and my cat wouldn't touch the stuff, even when given nothing else for 24 hours. Yes, she's picky, but she also has a taste for high quality foods, not for cheap stuff, and happily scarfs up higher priced foods, usually preferring them over ones with fillers. When I fed her home-made foods, she was picky about freshness. Meat that wasn't fresh wasn't eaten. (Most supermarket minced turkey was not acceptable to her, but when I could source it from other places, she ate it happily.) So, considering that two different varieties were tried and the price is exceedingly high, this is one that I'd recommend avoiding.

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