04/17/18 | Irene

My cat loves it

I choose to try this food as it's organic and has no additives just pure meat and veggies. So far I have gotten the trial whivh is good value for money though the poultry varieties didn't agree with my cat just because he's got an allergy. I have repeatedly bought the beef variety for him and had no issues, he licks the bowl clean every time!!!
05/16/17 | Ania


My fussy cat eats it! I am so happy, she doesnt eat much and not keen on wet food, even fresh chicken. But she seems to enjoy this food.
11/21/16 | nathan morrison


I have felt that i have to write reviews on this product as my boy loves the stuff and only needs 2 packs a day the other food RC vet food he was eating 8 packs a day and it was costing more to feed him than two adults a week
11/21/16 | nathan morrison

Can not rate this enough

If you are looking for a complete cat food then you have found it. After weeks and weeks of research and looking at reviews you become so confused and wish you have never started. I am really fussy on what i feed my animals and i was feeding RC kitten food but he was eat 8 packs a day and was always wanted more it was cost me a fortune - i have a bengal so you can imagine. So since moving over to this i feed 2 packs a day and i also bought a Taurine to put on his food as this is organic
08/21/16 | Anna

Good quality healthy food

I chose Herrmann's Organic because this is the best and the healthiest wet food for my cat. Although she is not a big fun of chicken and goose ones but she loves beef.
05/01/16 | Izabela

Good texture for cats that prefer to lick their food.

I admit that I'm not too happy with the formula change, but thankfully my cat still eats it. She would definitely recommend the Duck flavour, but after the change she won't touch the Goose packets. I add some fish oil to make the food slightly more moist now. But I'm happy with the ingredients list, texture is not appetizing but what can you do when your cat refuses to chew? If anyone can recommend any other 'lickable' foods I would appreciate, this one is a safe bet if anyone is looking.
12/12/15 | Claire Barker

Tender and Juicy

I ordered the Goose and the Duck packs and so far they like it very much. Not all the time you understand, I know you understand, and don't put in a bulk, order but every other day is fine. It is a soft pate, smells nice and looks nice. No chewing needed so ok for cats with problem teeth. I don't think they would tolerate it every day but they don't tolerate anything every day! So good but not terrific from the cat's point of view.
09/27/15 | N.S.

It's ok

My cats are not particularly fussy but they won't go near the one with fish and rice. It looks very unappetising, kind of like a sticky mush. The rest is ok, but they're definitely not my cats' favourite. I only gave 3 stars because it's meant to be healthier for them as it's organic.
05/03/15 | Lucy Blake

My cat used to live this

Whats happened to the recipe used in Herrmann's organic Beef - pumpkin and quinoa - my cat used to love this - now its totally changed from a dark meat with lots of juice to a grainy looking light one with no juice - which my cat won't touch - are Herrmann's using rose veil instead of normal beef - I've never seen such pale beef - and anyway my cat doesn't like -I want to communicate with Herrmann's to let them know they've made a mistake and to go back to the original recipe- but cannot find a phone number or email address for them ?

Beef with squash and quinoa

My cat is very fussy but generally enjoys the beef with squash and quinoa. Like other reviewers, I thought it looked a bit unappealing and overly processed but I'm not the one eating it! I also agree that there may be batch issues as there have been times when I have struggled to get him to eat, and the meat has looked rather paler than normal. I decided to buy the variety pack and was excited for him to try other flavours, especially the venison, but unfortunately, my cat turned his nose up at all the other varieties. I ended up throwing half of the pouches in the bin and gave the remainder to a friend with 3 cats who all loved them.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
12/17/14 | Nicola

Great Quality

My cats are very fussy but love the beef and quinoa. I look at the coats and teeth of other pets and can see feeding good quality food with no sugar and plant fillers makes a huge difference. My cats are happier and will have fewer teeth and health problems.... i.e. less vet bills :)
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
06/29/14 | WendyH

Don't be put off by the way it looks!

This is for my cat and not for me! Must admit I got a surprise when I emptied the sachet into the bowl. Not what we're used to in terms of colour and texture but fussy cat loved it. She rarely finishes a whole pouch over 12 hours but almost managed this one. Food with jelly just has that bit licked off. Anything with rice, and that's left behind and patés are totally ignored. But with everything being so finely chopped, it was all eaten. Won't feed it to her all the time but I always try to have several varieties to keep things interesting. This, with dry Meowing Heads, is clearly a winner here.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
01/09/14 | Sab

Outstanding cat food

I buy the Goose variety for my cat,as it is grain-free. My little Grace loves it.she always licks the bowl clean! I like the fact that it is made primarily of meat and it as no additives whatsoever. It is organic and my cat deserves the best! The price of this wet food is reasonable as it is organic and ethical.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
12/04/13 | Claire

A New Favourite

Bought this for the first time a couple of weeks ago and my cat is very happy with it. She has actually now started turning her nose up at her previous favourite food in favour of this, which pleases me as not only does this food have a higher percentage of meat, but the company has a good ethic AND it's better value than the previous food! Very happy altogether.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
06/27/13 | Susan Walker

Herrmanns organic cat food

This is truly amazing stuff. Looks good smells good and is in simple portions. My Siamese love the stuff. I feed them small amounts often so one packet is used per feeding for two! I tried it for the first time and they love it! I will definitely buy again!
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Organic quality food

A very wholesome and quality product. My siamese love it.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
04/22/13 | Emma

Not the most exciting looking stuff

Bought this because of the organic ingredients. My cats aren't fond of pate-looking food. It did have a little jelly which you can scrape from the bottom of the pouch to make it more interesting for my cats. They did eat it, don't get me wrong and I am sure it did them the world of good, however if you want something that has texture, then this is not the one.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk

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