23/09/20 | Elisabeth
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Best cat food we ever had

This is the best cat food we found so far. My kittens got it quite early and they still love it! Even when we try something else for a change... as soon as they see these pouches they forget their manners climbing on the kitchen counter. My Ragdoll was 2 years old when I got him and he hated it. He was used to Whiskas only since day one. So I slowly introduced him to healthy food and now he goes crazy for this food as well. A cat used to artificial additives and sugar will need time to adjust
03/08/20 | sam
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both my main coons have polished bowls.
05/01/20 | Gita Puharte
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Tasted good 2 varieties

From this trial pack, my cat chose 'Beef with quinoa' and 'Venison with apple'. Will order these more.
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cat loves it

my cat will usually only eat part of any food put down and expect a fresh one to replace it. this food is different. every morsel is hoovered p. great stuff.
06/02/17 | Kelly
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Great food

Due to been mistreated before coming to me i had hugr issues with finding any wet food my cat would eat i tried every food u could think of. I got given a pouch of this to try from a friend and for the first time in a year i saw a clean bowl! My cat has been eating this ever since. Great wholesome food with no nasty things in
21/11/16 | nathan morrison
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Looking at the other reviews and this is just me just taking a guess maybe their cats are used to eating cheap vet food or just having dry food all the time so they are not interested. I have to say my cat loves it and it has saves me so much money as only feed 2 packs a day instead of the 8 packs a day of RC and my boy doesnt always want feeding now he loves it but please put taurine power on this as its organic so doesnt contain any and your little friend will need it
01/10/13 | Tracy
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Quite yummy

This is one of the few wet cat foods My 2 young kids will eat because they don't like chunks of pretend meat. They will eat the Sheba fillets but just lick the gravy off it..... Their not too keen on the fish one either.
09/09/12 | L HOLMES
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Loved by our cats

I have two cats, one of whom is very fussy but she adores both of the flavours available in this trial pack. The fish is more of a porridge but she laps it up and leaves the plate clean. The goose option is less liquid and more of a pate style food. I have tried many different foods with my cats, Cosma, IAMS and Almo Nature and all are great but these are a particular favourite with my cats.