22/12/17 | mrswhitecat
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if your cat has squittery poos try this

My cat has a sensitiviy problem, she's been on all the vet diets eg Z/D but this works really well for her. The vet wants her on single proteins and would prefer her to eat just biscuits but my cat won't have that so she has Lamb & Rice biscuits and these, which not only will she eat but she likes.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Good but processed

My cats enjoy James Wellbeloved pouches and it's a decent quality for a processed food. It could be improved by making it more natural (less processing), but if I had to choose from all the many, many products out there that are 'junk food for pets', then I'd choose James Wellbeloved as being the lesser of many evils!