23/03/18 | Karen
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The only food that worked

I’ve got 2 Siamese cats and one has IBS and a grain intolerance. I tried sensitive foods, hydrolysed protein foods, and other grain free foods. This is the only one that worked for him. He is on steroids formthe IBS and i’ve been able to reduce the dosage since feeding him this. The other cat loves it too which makes feeding so much easier. The same dry food is just as good for him and he likes the biscuits when they have been soaked in water too which gives some variety.
20/02/18 | Kennedy
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First order with Zooplus

Brilliant product, have used JWB before and I would not feed my pet anything else. Since starting my 5 month old kitten on it, his coat has become so much more glossy, soft (he's a full jet black cat) and his bowel movements are not soft/liquid anymore. Best prices I have found and speedy delivery, cannot fault Zooplus and will continue to use them as my pet supplier!!!
26/01/18 | Jane
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Good product

My kittens have just started eating this and so far so good. It was recommended as they have sensitive tummies.
20/12/17 | Samantha
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Just to add...

Just to add to my previous review, it's the adult turkey version that is working for us! the results have been so good i daren't mess up a good thing! Although i am still trying to find another single protein, grain free food he likes just to add variety
20/12/17 | Samantha
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FINALLY 100% normal poop 🙀😻😻👍👍👍

I have a 2yo Ragdoll who was suffering with a sensitive tummy from being a kitten. i tried Bozita sensitive, i was amazed finally he was enjoying food, eating it right away and we saw a massive difference to his poops but he was still having bad poops every 2nd/3rd time. that was until he decided overnight that he didn't like it anymore. i couldn't order from here just yet so i sent OH to P@H for grain free and he got this. WOW!!! there hasn't been 1 bad poop! it's also much cheaper from Zooplus
06/12/17 | Daisy
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Can't beat them

One of my cats has had troubles with certain foods affecting his digestion. We tried him on a number of vet recommended 'sensitive' foods which didn't make any difference. By chance i put him on James Wellbeloved and we haven't looked back. He loves them (even our other cat who is on normal cat food always tries to steal some) and we have no issues 'later down the line'. Definitely recommend.
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Gravy-loving cat finally satisfied!

Our cat loves a food with gravy. He will not touch pates or anything in jelly. This is a great new favourite which he's enjoying. We're really happy as it's one source of protein - not dubious "meat derivatives". Also, no sugar and no grains He's steadily liked the Wellbeloved Turkey dry food too, which is relief when he stops eating his wet food! He goes in phases of eating particular Almo wet pouches but of late has fallen out of love with all his top favourites (Raw Salmon; Chicken & Veg).
06/02/17 | Sarah
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Great Hypoallergenic Food

my cats were on a high street brand off food, but their coats started to look a bit poor, and so I took them to the vets, and was recommended the James Wellbeloved grain free food, as it's naturally hypoallergenic.. since moving to this, the condition of my cats coats has drastically improved, and they practically shout at me at dinner time for this, they love it!
15/12/16 | Stephen
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Good quality

Great food great ingredients. Highly recommended. James wellbeloved is top quality natural food.
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The best

Tried all the quality foods, this is the only wet food that doesn't upset his colitis, after a few weeks of just this food no more problems with digestion, won't ever feed him anything else now. Bonus, plenty of gravy and it all comes out of the pouch nicely, unlike some foods that come out in a solid lump. Cat still really enjoys it after a couple of months, hopefully won't get bored of the flavour as it seems JW don't do many varieties.
16/06/16 | Karen nicoll
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Great cat food

Healthy, tasty, good price and my cats will eat it Job done, . And great service at Zooplus
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Senior lamb wet food

My cats love the lamb sachets better than most other wet food on the market
30/04/14 | Polo Pusscat
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Staple diet for IBD

I'm so happy to see this for sale here. I've been feeding my twelve year old rescue this food for about a year after a troublesome period of trial and error with other foods. He is completely intolerant to chicken and it is surprisingly difficult to find a single source protein wet food on the high street (thankfully not so difficult on Zooplus). He has two sachets per day as well as raw turkey breast meat before bed (this has been a huge help, I'd recommend anyone experiencing cat IBD to read into it). Although there are other foods that have a higher meat content, I really like that this has added glucosamine. My cat used to be on Seraquin but that too had to go as the chicken base upset him. I now don't worry about supplementing him for his mild arthritis that he came to me with. He runs around the house like a possessed kitten (usually as you begin to watch a film) and I am quite sure I owe it to JWB pouches. As ever, unbeatable price and service from Zooplus means that I no longer have to pay £7.30 or so a box in Pets at Home.