04/09/14 | Shelagh Webber

long time cat owner

my 4 boys now 18 mths old loved the chicken/apple variety so will try them on the other fruits all in all schesir is a very welcome addition to my food cupboard along with Catz finefoods, cosma, and miamor brands.

10/20/12 | Tim O

Scoffed by my two cats

It doesn't seem like an obvious food choice for cats, but my two have scoffed down most of the fruit Schesir cat food flavours. Having said that, I've yet to find a Schesir cat food which they don't inhale!

03/02/10 | Lisa

Thumbs up from my cat!

You probably wouldn't expect a cat to enjoy chicken and pineapple, and I was dubious when I bought a variety of this and the other flavours from my show maine coon boy at the Supreme when it was first released. He absolutely loves it! He goes absolutely mad when I pull a tin out and gobbles it all up with no hesitation. Well worth a go if you're wondering if it'll be a hit!!