10/08/18 | Teresa Meehan

Soup or not Soup?

When I first started buying this for my elderly cat who suffers with irritable Bowel Syndrome I thought it was a wonderful way to get more fluids into her as she is more than a little fussy with her food, however, now I find this wonderful soup is almost all chicken pieces and little fluid, what is going on? she doesn't eat chicken she only drinks the liquid and there is less and less of that, if I wanted to buy her chicken food I would and not pay out the high cost of these soups.
07/09/18 | Sheena Galston

An instant hit.

My two cats just love this soup. and the small pieces of chicken actually look like real chicken. With other foods they lick off the gravy or jelly and leave the rest. Now I get clean bowls.
05/30/18 | Chris Kemp-Philp

My Siamese love this

Our 2 rescue girls love this soup, the only problem is that one loves the tuna and the other loves the chicken, but I guess that is cats for you!
06/28/17 | Lois

Cats love it!

Both my pedigree Ragamuffins adore these soups and arrive in the kitchen as soon as they see us getting ready to go up to bed! They share a sachet as a little supper treat. All varieties are devoured with relish!
06/05/17 | Laura

Yummy, a food fit for a queen of cats!

At last, it's taken absolutely ages and many types of cat foods given away to find a tasty food that Tiana is happy with. Talk about a fussy eater, this little girl won't even eat fresh Chicken or Fish! But finally we are there and she is happy to tuck into this tasty dish!
05/26/17 | Alan Hannaford

quality food.

Tried the soup as a free sample and must admit my Birmans love it, top quality only down side is pouch size could do with a 85grm pouch instead of having to use two pouches at a time will order but use as a treat as it will become to expensive as a everyday meal.
05/18/17 | Marguerite Wilkinson

Love it

I like trying new , unusual food for my 3 cats and they absolutely loved the soup . I feed them Royal Canine dry food so it's nice to give them a soup once a day . They haven't said they would like a roll with the soup and they are vocal enough to let me know if they do 😻😻😻

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