05/14/18 | Coral

Yummy Scrummy in their Tummies

Well recently had to change My 3 Cats to a different diet as to a lower protein as 2 are now in their senior years & my male cat is coming up for 6 this year too. Did used to buy for my six cats the Smilla large 800gm cans that they very much all liked. But sadly only now only have the 3 cats & these tetrapaks go down a treat. I like the fact they are smaller & no waste & between mine they have two tetra Pak's a day with a few of their favourite kibble biscuits in between servings. Good flavours



I've only tried the Beef in Jelly but it was certainly a hit. It is identical to Bozita but a little cheaper. It states derivatives on ingredients but so do Smilla Pate tins and apparently it's not the same derivatives as you would find in Purina/Whiskas products. I'll be trying the ones in sauce on my next order.

10/18/17 | Vanessa

Loved by the cat

I buy Bozita tetrapaks, I tried these as the have no added sugar and they have gone down really well with the cat.