05/01/17 | Helen Deas

Lovely to look at but wonky base

The cats love sitting on top of this, looking at the garden, occasionally one above, one hiding down below. It looks lovely but wobbled badly, until I put an anchovy tin under one corner. Now very stable. A visiting Pekinese puppy also like the little house, so . ideal for very small dogs as well as cats.

Kitty house

Really pleased with this both my tabbies frequently use it...one of them is quite a chunky boy and he happily squeezes in ok! They use both the roof area and the inside - not found both on it at the same time though!!
01/26/17 | Jewel

Lovely basket but would like larger size and higher rim

Lovely design and came well wrapped. A good size but my cat often likes to lie stretched out and this is a bit too small to enable him to do that. I would have liked the rim on the top level to be as high at the front as it is at the back, to enclose my cat as I think he would feel more secure when asleep. Had it 2 days and he's only been on it for treats yet. Here's hoping he uses it. Looks nice in lounge anyway.
01/16/15 | Trudi Murray

Lovely, but orange!

I have two kittens and thought this would be sweet for them. It arrived quickly and is lovely. however, the colour of the wicker is orangey, and not the colour represented on the photo - or the customer's photos. I don't really like the colour, so I feel a little torn. I don't want to send it back, but... When I look at it it's just orangey and I am a bit disappointed. Perhaps the colour will mellow in time?

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