Most of it survived

Not waterproof, the roof caved in with all the rain. The rest of it survived but they didn't like the plastic strips. A proper cat flap would have been better

07/02/17 | Ele H

Great idea but poor roof design :-(

I was very worried when I bought this that my cats would not use it; they found the packaging it came in more exciting than the built thing. They soon came to like it, though they've never used the enclosed downstairs room. The roof is good for water run off, but has not been strengthened with struts to keep the roof in shape. Over time the roof has collapsed (needs replacing!); it is splitting into separate layers and the underside is a mass of mould even though the roof felt is still intact.


Lovely idea- bit flimsy

I'm a bit disappointed with the quality. Some of the wood is very flimsy, one piece broken in the box and floor splintered as I was fitting it- easily mended with a bit of wood glue- but don't really expect to have to fix it when new! Now it's all together and the broken bits are hidden, it looks lovely.

06/15/14 | Elaine Purcell

Not as high quality as Swedish cat lodge

Our six cats now have two out houses. The first is a Swedish cat lodge and is of very high quality. - materials and accessories. The one we just bought is if low quality which surprised me. The ends of the wood was badly frayed and parts of the structure did not fit together properly. Also some of the screws were too short. Not impressed.