06/14/21 | Louise B

Great item except roof

My 3 cats adore this house, taking turns to sit in the top deck and survey the garden. Took the plastic off the flap door at bottom and they’re happy to sit in here too at least whilst they queue for the upper deck. Unfortunately after approximately a year the roof has caved in from the rain nut also I have seen our local Tom using it as a landing pad from the wall. It’s a shame it wasn’t made from sturdier or more water resistant material as it would get full marks only for this.


Not water proof

Cat bed often got wet when it rained which is not very ideal other than that brilliant

03/19/18 | Heych

Great little cat house

The cat house was great, it took me a while assembling the house together! My cat was not a fan of the plastic flap and i didn't like it either as it is hard and not easy for a cat to get in and out so i removed. It could be a little bigger and it would be the perfect cat house. The wood is delicate especially around the stairs, so be gentle when assembling!

03/15/18 | Stephen Madley

Roof needs extended for rain.

This cat house is very good value for money, especially at the sale price we purchased ours at. Very good quality materials and well designed (99%), making it very easy to assemble. We lined the main box section with cork insulation to make it more comfortable in extreme weather. One slight flaw in the design is that the roof is almost the same width as the house it covers, so the rain drips directly on to the side rails underneath instead of missing the house as it really should, to avoid rot.

09/16/17 | Christina

Nice cat house

I bought this for a stray cat that's been around throughout this summer and I'm hoping to make it warm and cozy for her during the winter. This was easy to put together and every screw was there :) I'm not sure how this will be warm in the winter though, but with a bit of straw and insulation it could become very nice even in low temperatures.

12/27/16 | Michelle Edwards

love it

Bought this for our kitties for Christmas, very easy and quick to assemble. Is very sturdy and with a little persuasion both have investigated it.... the only negative is the rubber door flap, not very flexible and really rough edges, so we've taken that bit off.... but all in all good value for money.


Arrived Broken

Arrived late and broken! The call staff were helpful and gave me the option of a replacement or some money off the house. The house itself is great my cats love it. However if you plan to keep it outdoors like me it would be best the treat the wood and the roof to prevent it rotting or loosing colour

06/26/16 | Style By Victoria

The assembly directions should be better.

The directions are at fault. Really! I did not put this den together, my husband and his brother did. They are both mechanically inclined guys and both said that the directions caused the slow assembly. Its a light weight wood material and after 2 hours assembly, it looks nice and is stable. The cats like it. I put a rug (thats actually made for a back seat car floor board) in the middle section. The top is real rooftop material and its a cute shade den on our upper balcony.

09/04/14 | Sarah

Cats love it

Very good Cat den only trouble is instructions are rubbish and was a massive pain to put up!! Dont do what the instructions say and place floor in after putting all sides together it will not fit, Screw all sides with floor all ready in position will save a lot of swearing. Another tip when putting back on, make sure on the back panel the holes for the small bit of fence on ladder site are on the right side or u will have to unscrew and turn around. Other wise brilliant Den and cats love it!

08/13/13 | Riotgrrrl

I like it more than my cat

It's been a week since I put this together.. and I think it's great but it's not a view shared by the cat!! Painted it blue (outdoor fence paint) which helped mask the strong odour, then put it together. Easy to assemble, well made for the money and it looks very cute. Have put cat treats upstairs and even that's not enough to coax the cat. He spent all of 3 seconds looking inside and that was it. You win some, you lose some!

10/25/12 | jegpad

easiest to construct of three cat houses I bought

I bought the Madeira and the Cat Lodge as well as this Cat Den Maisonette. This house was the easiest to construct. But as a useless DIYer I did put the side panels on the wrong way round intially so the floor panels wouldn't fit in. Just a heads up for any other numpty out there. But the side panels are joined with bolts and nuts which are easy to remove as they have not been screwed in so didn't take more than a couple of minutes to rectify. However, important note - you will need a short and narrow handled screwdriver as the location of some of the screws is awkward and close to the joints. Poor placement in my view. The quality of the wood is not as good as the other two houses and was splintering in a couple of places. But the ease of construction (the roof panels were hinged together already making it much easier for one person to handle) gave it the edge over the other two. It was also the cheapest. I bought it when it cost £39.90. The Lodge Cat house was £46.99 and the hefty Madeira cat house was £59.90. I bought them all at the same time. I also prefer the proportions of this house to the Lodge as it has a squarer shape. Just aesthetic preference.


Great cat house!

We bought to keep cats dry if they are out and it rains, great product for the price. I had to unscrew the plastic cat flap on front as they wouldnt use it with it on... It is well used, they often lay out on the roof too in the sun !!


Cat house

This arrived today, unfortunately damaged in transit. A piece of wood has splintered off from the front panel, however Zooplus was efficient in responding to my e-mail and gave a £10 discount for this. This cat house is flimsier than I thought from the picture, and is constructed from very thin tongue and groove, however the instructions were clear and concise and the way the screws were set out on a piece of cardboard labelling them from A to F so you knew exactly which ones to use was a ingenious idea and made construction very simple indeed.There was a problem though, two dowel holes had been put in the wrong place so I had to screw a part on instead of using the dowels to hold the part in place. The floor piece has a split piece of wood where a screw had been put in during the making and because of this the floor tips through with any weight put on it. I couldnt be bothered to complain to Zooplus again so will glue the split and attach a piece of wood under the floor to stop any further tipping episodes. When put all together it does look really nice. I guess I was just unfortunate to receive one that had faults and damage. Would I buy another one...... Yes