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Cat sleeps in it for hours on end

It took a while for my cat to come around to this bed, but thanks to a bit of cat nip and encouragement, he now loves it and sleeps in it for hours on end. I'm surprised he hasn't fallen out of it yet as he is prone to that and it doesn't look like it's holding him in that well, but it must be!
10/03/18 | Jenn
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Great for smaller cats

My 10m old Cleo loves this, I have purchased more. It isn’t great material but for the price I am very happy x
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3 in a row

We had 2 of these for our cats and they loved them. We got 2 new kittens and they took over, so we got 2 more. All 4 of our cats love these and spend days in them.
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It's too good.

Our cats love their high rise bed, so much so there is often a queue to get in it. I initially bought it for one of our little girls who prefers to sit with me over my wife. But our not so little boy Pirate decided to try it out. I was nicely surprised when it supported his 5kg+ weight. My original fear was based on the fact that the metal side arms are quite springy, but they hold up to him jumping in and out. The bed is very easy to install and cleans off as easily as any other cat bed.
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Great buy!

Thought we would try this for our kitten and after a couple of days she loved it. Will be ordering another as such great value. If she's not on my lap she is on this bed. So easy to fit and very secure.
06/10/14 | Kirsty Fields
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Ordered two of these wall mounted beds, Put them up in my summer House and Pheobe loves them; one problem; I am having to order more, as I have 6 kitties and winter is well and truly on the way, and am going to install a few more, round the homestead! Thanks Zoo Plus your the best....
25/09/14 | Jax
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Wouldn't be without them! Two was not enough!

Bought two of these beds for my two Bengals who love high places.My other cat who is a Main-Coon much prefers her sleeping den or so I thought. Even before I put the second bed up both my Bengals were on them. I was a bit worried that the beds might not be strong enough to hold up to my Bengals climbing antics! I was SO wrong they jump from one to another and back onto their cat tree and have great fun. Also they make a great get away beds esp as I have staggered them in step formation. As I have three dogs as well I find that I am not tripping over pet beds so they are space saving as well. 10/10 I cannot fault these beds in anyway. Easy to put up and easy to keep clean and look great as well and most importantly the cats love them! I have now ordered another for my Maine-Coon.
06/09/14 | sarah forsey
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My kitten loves this! i bought 2 to put on the wall above a cat scratcher unit under the stairs and he loves it! Have added a customer photo too! Thankyou zooplus happy with all my items in my order
01/08/14 | Andrew
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Great for hanging around in

I bought one a couple of months ago and I and Astrophe thought it was great so I bought another for his brother Zoonie. He thinks it's great too, excellent quality and value . I will get some more of these hammocks to place around the house. I have to say that your service is amazing. I ordered tthe bed and some other items on Wednsday and they arrived today Friday, 2 days from Germany , ir takes at least 5 days to get something delivered from 50 miles away over here. Love this site and have recommend you to everyone I know with a pet and loads of people I don't know as well.
02/06/14 | CR
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Really Successful

I'm going to get more of these as they've proved so successful from the minute they were fixed to the wall. The cats love lounging in them and I've arranged them so that they climb onto other wall-mounted shelves and beds to create extra territory. At first I was worried they wouldn't like the idea of a hammock as it's not solid and they're large cats, but I was so wrong! Well worth every penny and the cats are happy.
26/05/14 | Titoto Maine Coons
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We started with 2 and now have 7!

These are great value and the cats love them. We have them on the walls in the different cat runs Outside and on warm days they are hanging off them sleeping the afternoon away. They seem to stay pretty clean and I just dehair them and they are fine my cats recommend them.
08/04/14 | Izzi
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Boi-ng, boi-ng, boi-ng

Bought 3 of these & they're all lined up along the wall next to Izzi's cat tree so when she has a rush o'blood & runs around, she can now run along the wall ! Early days for that tho' she does run up the tree & into the 1st bed in seconds. May need to put a small cushion in the others as they do sag when she's in them, just as a bit of reinforcement when leaping from one to another, but she loves just lying around in them.

Izzi's 4½kg, used the provided screws & rawl plugs in breeze block on outside wall, was easy & they're secure. No need for fancy fittings unless going into plasterboard & that's not recommended anyway.

27/08/13 | Ingrid
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Bunk Beds

I bought two and have set them up near their cat tower. I found them easy to attach to the wall, used different screws for walls, those metal ones that create their own wall plug by expanding, these have made the beds very solid and secure on the wall. The cats leap in and out of them and have immediately become a new favourite place to sleep and survey the room. Very good value too.
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Love these Hammocks

These hammocks were such a good price I bought 4 of them for my 5 cats to share ! My old cat is not that interested but the others love them. The hammocks felt safe and secure once the cats got in but I would say a good brick wall is essential, don't put them up on partitioning walls. Great Buy
20/01/13 | misha
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They fight over it

We put this high on the wall, accessed from their large cat tree. They love it, and love to hang their head over the side and watch every one go by. Our 2 adult females do fight over who will have it, both trying to lie in it at the same time, so it can take a fair amount of combined weight and movemnet, although we did use larger fixings as a precausion. Well worth getting if you can drill holes in walls and have a solid wall to fix it to.
11/09/12 | Linda
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great little beds and a great price:)

I bought two or these for my Siamese cats. They love them but always seem to fight over who sleeps where because I have put one a bit higher than the other 'like steps'. I think I will have to move one so they are both at the same hight or buy a third one. They just look so cute in them. I did have to buy screws to fit them up on the wall as the screws that are provided are not very good. Still I love them and so do my cats. I have bought lots of cat beds for them and the little cave beds but they never bothered with them. Cats love to be up high and these are great.
10/06/12 | Karen
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Nothing more to say apart from my cats love them - a great buy
10/06/12 | Karen
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nothing to say but fabulous my cats love them
25/08/11 | brie
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Love it

I put 2 of these up on the custom cat columns and bridge we had put in our living room and my 9 cats love these. I was scared at first because 2 of our cats weigh a stone but they are really sturdy. I changed the fixings that came with them but the beds are awesome.
01/08/11 | Linda Moore
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would'nt be without one

My cat loves hers she's had it 3 yrs & I've just sent for a new one as its getting a little threadbare in places