10/06/21 | Tara O'Donovan

Can't replace pump

Great little water fountain, but the pump can cause issues. 12 months and now have to replace the whole unit as you can't get a replacement pump. Wouldn't recommend for this reason alone.


Good start but doesn't last long

Excellent concept and started off really well. Cats drank far more and stopped drinking from random places that happened to have dripping water! Speed of the floe can be changed and that does of course impact the noise but its fairly quiet. HOWEVER, after 14 months it stopped working. I cleaned the pump as instructed, no change, so ordered a new pump (which came with a new plug as well for some reason) but still doesnt work. Shame but would seem this doesnt have along shelf life

10/12/17 | Bruce

Good product but plug wrong size

Good product, like it very much. The only issue was the UK conversion plug supplied was the wrong size?? I had to buy another off Amazon. You'd think someone would check this.

05/15/16 | C JONES

After 18 months, cats kept being sick after drinking

The first pump was faulty, but Zooplus quickly sent out a replacement. The cats took to it straightaway, so no problem there. Having so much surface water exposed was not great, as I was always topping it up. On the plus side I could refill the filters myself, and such a good idea having a join in the lead, so you're not dragging the plug around with you. After 18 months both cats started being sick after drinking from it, so alas, it had to go.

05/21/14 | Dympna

Lovely but!

I bought this for my four cats and was very pleased at the ease of setting it up. It also is very quiet and even the jumpiest of my cats doesn't appear to be afraid of it. It looks good and is a neat size but, my cats appear to think it is for washing their feet and there is water everywhere when I check in the morning! It's a pity as I would like them to drink from it.

10/21/13 | Priscilla

A bit bummed

The Cat Mate waterfall is close to silent as promised and really a lot lower maintenance than a previous fountain I owned. I had a heavy ceramic cat waterfall from Lucky Kitty in Germany which I'd had for nearly 2 years before it needed replacing. The Cat Mate lasted 4 months until it literally just stopped working due to some sort of electrical problem. I'm looking now for an alternative.

11/22/11 | Kate

A good product - shame the cat doesn't agree!

As the other reviews state, this is easy to clean, value for money, and very, very quiet. Unfortunately, the only one who doesn't seem to like it is the cat. She was initially suspicious, then drank out of it a couple of times, and now is back to drinking out of the toilets and any glasses of water I leave out. Oh well, it was worth a shot.

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