01/31/22 | Aysha Basheer

Doesn't dispense food

The Le Bistro Food Dispenser doesn't work properly. I set up the timings and servings but the food doesn't come on time or at all for the whole day and the quantity of food is different each time saying that the dispenser decides to dispense food that day. When I try to hit the manual feeding button, it worked once, but the 3 times after that it dispensed out all the food in the world that it could until it got jammed. So to sum up the problem; doesn't exactly dispense food.
01/18/19 | Rory Mostert


Brilliant feeder, ignore bad reviews as the product design has improved, the bowl cannot come loos the picture needs to be updated. Excellent value for money and very easy to setup
12/28/15 | Tracy

Very happy - highly recommended

Limited space so will have to be brief! The first feeder I've tried, been using for 4 months, I have 2 cats. PROS Reliable Does not jam V easy to assemble/programme Sturdy Great value The flap means that crafty cats can only tease out a few extra biccies at a time, if any, before getting bored! CONS (to some): Measurements not precise Only 3 feeds a day programmable Dish can be dislodged if not slotted in right (there's a nack) Brilliant for peace of mind overnight and/or small regular feeds.
10/11/15 | Lore

After glueing the bowl in place it does it's job fine

We have 2 of these feeders for our 4 cats and always found the bowls detached from the feeder and one cat pawing around the system until food came out. The bowls are not very well attached and one of our cats war very good in getting them out. After a few weeks of frustration and no portion control at all, because your little 4-pawed thief will find out very quickly how to reach into the mechanism and let the food drop we just applied double sided adhesive tape to the back side of the bowls so they are now glued to the feeder. Now there is no room for the paw to reach through to the machanism and get more food. Doctored like this the amount of food is reliable and the time of feeding also is.
10/08/14 | brie

OK but not great

I got this when our older version which we'd had for 6 months quit working and I do not like it near as much, but with 11 cats, we needed one. I have replaced the food tray with a ceramic one as I don't like my cats eating or drinking out of plastic and so now it is acceptable. The lid for some reason is hard to get on and lock, but that might just be my fiddly hands. It definitely will do the job for now, but not long term. I am pretty handy, but these aren't built to last and it is nearly impossible to repair if it stops working. The main reason I am giving this 4 stars is because it uses batteries and not mains as I do not have a socket where I keep the cat food and would not want to plug one in anyway as it would look untidy and be harder to pick up and sweep around everyday.
09/07/14 | Jude


I have 2 of the older model of this feeder and it is excellent. I had tried a different model but 1 of my cats could get the food out it whenever she wanted, she cant get the food out of this one. I've had mine for about 5 years and they really are excellent. The amount & time can be set to suit, up to 3 times a day, would definitley recommend it. I dont know about the new one but the older one has a input for a power adaptor,i bought a universal one for mine & only have batteries in as a back up in case of power cuts.

Good but not for clever food orientated cats!

Bought this to feed our cat at regular times as we work shifts. Unfortunately he can get his paw up through the entry door and pull food down so isn't very effective for giving specific amounts of food. As he's prone to weight gain I don't want him to get more than he should so will be returning this and looking at a different type of automatic feeder. However, if your pet isn't quite so persistent I can see this being great as you don't have to refill very often.
05/28/14 | Brie


We use this for our 11 cats and while it hasn't helped the larger ones lose weight really, it's become invaluable to us. The only draw back I'd say is the plastic part that holds the food could be much more rigid, but it hasn't broken or anything.

Also suitable for rabbits

I've been looking for a way to feed my rabbits if I am away over the weekend so that I don't always have to find a rabbit sitter. And now I have discovered Le Bistro and it works brilliantly. It delivers the food on time and is quiet so my rabbits like it. (I tried a different brand and it was far too loud.) Rabbits don't appreciate it if things are too loud. This one works really well and they understand that they can't get the food out. They have to wait. Am feeding them Cuni which they like. The only drawback is that the total amount you can fill into the feeder is perhaps too little for two big rabbits so I only give them a half portion in the mornings. They always have hay so there's plenty to eat. The feeding section is the right height for my rabbits but could be a bit high for dwarf rabbits. I have put the feeder in a sheltered area so it does not get wet. It does need room because it is quite large. Let's see how long it lasts. I have a good impression and it's easy to programme.

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